Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Series

Well, I have finally figured out what my big project is for the year. Several watercolor series groupings.

I have several planned. Two are almost complete.

The Fossils:

I may move the blue one over to The Elements series. Seems out of place here, except for the fact that there are many fossils in the oceans so two more to go.

Stained Glass

3 more to go...

I will also do the following series over the next few months:
-Elements (fire, earth, water, air)
-Hubble (images of space mimicking the Hubble's views of space with different filters)
-Space Bodies (the surfaces of celestial bodies...such as the moons of Jupiter)
-Nature (abstracts of macro views of leaves, flowers, plants)

And maybe more as I think of them. As of right now, each series is $500 to $750.

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