Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Into the Fog

I took this on my way back from Sarnia this past time. Sometimes life is like that...you don't know exactly what is in store for you right around the corner. But, that is what makes life exciting, right?

I want to live my life the way I want to and to be brave. I want to stride toward the fog with the hope that everything will work out just fine, and life will be even more beautiful than ever.

I don't have to be afraid, and I don't have to live my life based on the experiences of others. This is my life. These are my choices. Whether they are right or wrong, they are mine.

The end.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

So Much Fun!

Another favorite quote from Facebook:
"Okay so I love you more than gangsta kittens wearing sun glasses and little kitten boots."

You know who you are if I quoted you...

So, Canada. I gotta tell you, I have to blame my blasphemous mispronunciation of karate on being so imbued in an alternate state of mind. That's all I'm saying on the matter.

So, Canada. Hung out with the awesome Iaian Greenson for a few days, including two afternoons in his studio making some art. Did some art supply trades and created a couple teeny tiny pen and ink drawings. Looking forward to more days like those. And finally at the gallery show on Friday night. We double teamed the photo taking for the gallery's records.

Made a couple of little 6" x 6" works on paper with pen and ink, nail polish and glitter...and art pens. Loved it. This one is called 420+714=1112. Well, more like 1111 and 1112, but who's counting. Artists actually can do math, but they make it their own sometimes.

So, Canada. Yeah...I miss you already.
A shot of some of Iaian's samller works and his lovely studio skylight.

IG working away on a new canvas.

Pretty Poison. My new painting by IG waiting to be hung in my office.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Here We Go Again!

Dark & Lovely triptych - acrylic mixed media - overall 36" x 36"

Fire On The Lake II - acrylic mixed media - 36" x 18"

Taking off to Canada again...hey, passports cost a lot of money, right? I'm putting mine to use. I remember when you barely needed to stop at the border. They were just like hey whatever...wave and smile.

And I have the added pleasure of customs. It was not so bad when I looked like a lost lady with paintings and a list with names and prices scribbled on it. Now that I know what I am in for it ought to be easier, right? I will have my form filled out and my receipt ready for the gallery. It will be rad.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Messy Desk

Making the best of Yupo paper...

"I'm not ruining this desk, so much as transforming it."


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Studio ... not fresh and new anymore

Funniest thing I saw today on Facebook. No sense crediting the author...they know who the are...

"i know you hate when people tell you about their dreams because "you don't care" but this one involved you and puppies so i'll tell you..."

Yeah, some things just strike me as funny, and that is that.

Today I am cleaning the upstairs, including my studio and half of the downstairs. It is a freakin' mess. But, I am having a party, so I best get on it.

I will post a bunch of WIPs and MESSY Studio shots later.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Personality Mapping

First off, let me say that I did not come up with these awesome concepts. I just sat there as Senecal spewed...I decided at one point to just make a chart of his awesome ideas. I may or may not have added to these concepts. At this point, I do not care.

Enjoy...but remember, it is not official until it has been laminated. Lamination makes stuff important...plus you can drink your coffee off of it (also another Senecal idea).

Much love and plenty of VELOCIraptors.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Got Some Time...

I wondered where my inspiration for this color palette came from, then I looked outside.

Friday, October 15, 2010


I really hope I get a few minutes this weekend to paint!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Menage A Un

My friend Iaian's blog...he is a fantastic writer and artist. Check it out!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Circuit Boards and Suitcases

The fact is, I never quite unpack anymore. I probably will after the next trip up to see my Canadian friends. Until spring. My US friends call it Narnia...and why not? I have taken a liking to Canada. It seems meant to be in a way. I'm a northern girl. I like snow. Not this half-assed rainy, sleeting, ice mess that we get here. Snow. I do not mind the cold...although, if it is cold enough to freeze my eyeballs, that pisses me off.

I am more concerned about passing through the wardrobe this time around. Mostly the getting back to the US portion with my artwork. Need to find a certain form to fill out for Homeland Security. I sold one piece, but need to have proof I did not sell the others I bring back in so I can apply for a refund of the taxes that I paid in advance. Hopefully that will work out okay. I need to come up with a step by step guide on how to deal with customs for International shows. It has been an experience so far. A great experience. It is always an adventure.

If you have a spark in you, go set the world on fire.

One work I will never attempt to show internationally will be my circuit board and computer chip stuff. That is what is on the floor in my guest room. Lucky for me I have a hook up in getting discarded circuit boards. But the work will look dangerous and it is freakin' heavy!! I'm not sure where or if I will show this work. Mainly because it will have to be hung on a stud...otherwise it will fall off the wall and rip the nail out. But, it will be a good exercise for me to do something a little more 3-d and less organic.

All for now...got to write some shit up about design and Unicornification.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Party Planners

Text conversation between Jared and me:

Jared: The Oriental Trading Co. stuff is here. Do you want your stuff tomorrow?
Me: Whenever.
Jared: K
Jared: They threw in some Jesus stuff to counteract the evil.
Me: LOL that is f^&%ing hilarious!!!!!
Me: Do you feel better, sinner?
Jared: Do you want some nativity scene finger puppets with your spooky gauze?
Me: Oh hellz yeah!!!!
Jared: Haha.
Jared: I'll bring you the whole set.
Me: Nice. I'll put baby Jesus on my pinky.
Jared: Hahahahha

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Necrophobia or Zombiephobia
Model: Me

A Blanket for Warmth...or Death and Christmas
Model: Husband

Friday, October 8, 2010


Are you high, or am I high? Cause I can't tell anymore.

That phrase is usually reserved for Senecal because of the absolutely mind-warping conversations we have. Or monologues he has with me as his captive audience. His latest involves feedback on an icon set that I put together. Sensing the idiocracy of it all, he goes on a diabolical sketching mission (on 3x3 post-its, as per usual) and sketches people hugging rockets that are blasting toward the moon, and talks of how to incorporate Sasquatch into the mix. The elusive Sasquatch.

I just got done painting a work that I want to call The Place They Landed. Kind of inspired by the airport shutdown in China that was due to a UFO hovering over the airport on 9/11/10. Not sure of which airport. Feel free to use the power of Google to sate your thirst for that knowledge. It's the one on the right.

I went out last night to a place called Sushi Rock (aka high-priced, uber-trendy restaurant where all the pretty people like to go to look at one another...) The shot above was me just fucking around with Photo Booth and Photoshop (curves). i.e.PROCRASTINATION. And thinking, wow, I want to check into my studio and just paint tonight...as per usual on Fridays. But, it is good to get out there with the friends on occasion.

But later last night, back at home and feuled with a couple cups of coffee, I got down to business experimenting with a couple new mediums (clear tar and various hues of interference.) All in all a good night.

Check out Sublime Rush - Issue 005!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Brave Brave Birdy

As I sat out on the patio at a restaurant in Grandview, this brave, brave birdy paid us a visit. All she (or he) wanted was a little bread. You have to click on the photo above to really enjoy it. I think that little birdy would have plucked the bread out of my hand to get what it wanted.

So, I've decided to take myself out on the road more. Of course it is the same ole pattern. I find a place I like and I return. My goal for next year is to find a gallery in Scotland and in Asheville, NC, in addition Susan Kristjansson Gallery to the in Sarnia, Ontario.

And I hereby officially retire from what I called Biz shows...or the "art unexpected" scene. It was a nice run...a necessary run, and I appreciate everyone who wanted to show my art along the way.

My last "biz" show is at Cafe Brioso on Gay Street. It should be up for the rest of this month.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Show Name

"Documentation For My Unauthorized Autobiography"

I think it is rad.

I am also planning a series of paintings based on camo patterns. Is that lame? It is all about hiding out in the open and being a ninja.

Monday, September 27, 2010

My poor poor man

Yeah, I have been taking a lot of time to get my hubby back to a healthy condition. Thankfully for you I did not take a pic of his eye yesterday. I have not seen anything so gruesome in my life. Yowza. Instead I will show you a far less disgusting (and simply beautiful) shot of Sarnia, Canada. I'll be returning for my show this weekend...

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Zoey clued us in on this little box turtle that was in my back yard yesterday morning. Cutest little thing, but I think his eyes say, I want to bite your finger off.

Friday, September 10, 2010

2011 Calendar Line Up

JAN - Pink Noir
MAR - Collected Energy
APR - Disintegrating Sea Creatures
JUN - The Joys Of Decay 1
JUL - It's Coming For You
AUG - Volcanic Rush
SEP - Turbulent Ocean
OCT - The Glowing Wood
NOV - Great Cities
DEC - Fire on the Lake

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Origin of Lola

My nickname Lola came about on my 35th birthday. That year a bunch of my friends and I went out to Easton to Bon Vie and then to the Cabaret show. Love that place, btw...the cabaret. Well, I decided to steal the flower off of the table at the french restaurant and wear it in my hair, tucked behind my ear. My friend Isolde started calling me Lola that night... it has stuck...even more so than Pegalicious.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Little Little Kiss

Sure, you've heard of Kiss, and maybe you've heard of Little Kiss, but have you heard of Little Little Kiss???? Hell yeah.

Studio Work - This weekend

A painting I worked on through last week and finished yesterday. I love it. It is calming to me.
Which is a good thing...life has been chaotic as usual between work and home and body. I had to chase off a creeper this week. My SB guy Ron introduced that term to me. A creeper is like a stalker, except he is casing the neighborhood. Granted, I will not do this again. Next time I promise I will call the cops. Pinky promise.
So yeah, introducing the rounded shapes into my work, what with all their straight, clean edges. That's new. Almost like bringing order to chaos, because the chaotic process is in there with it. And now that I wrote that, I think that is true. I believe everything I read, basically.
On another note, I basically avoided most things this weekend. I did manage to pick up my art, drop off my entry to OAL, and have lunch with my friend Karan. We went to my fav consignment shop Wholly Craft, where I found Little Little Kiss (this will get its own post) and a mag called Worn, which is very rad.

I also signed onto Twitter after a long, long hiatus. Sure, my FB fan page feeds it, but I had not posted any twits on the tweet site/app for a while. I am calling them twits on purpose - I know they are tweets, but that is fucking lame. I signed on to watch the antics of CatBagLady. Her quote is "I have momentary abberations. We all do." Yeah, we all do, so quit acting like you're so goddamn special. Although, the real cat bin lady is a horrible, horrible woman. Who the fuck puts a cat in a trash bin for fun? That is just psychotic. Which is why it is fun to watch people poke fun at her. Good times.

So, as you can see in the second photo, I am working on the next one, and have divided the canvas horizontally and added a lot of acrylic medium, both a hi gloss paste and a fiber paste, alternating them...smooth to rough. I want to apply the same flowing shapes to this one. I am trying to purvey chaos and control here to, along with some masculine and feminine aspects. Yeah...that sounds sufficiently full of it. lol

Saturday, August 28, 2010

BIG Hair

This is all you need...well this and some Aveda hair spray. Then you are good to go. Get it here.

Friday, August 27, 2010


I had this root canal and crown put on around 6 or 7 years ago. It is now sitting on a pool of decay. Totally asymptomatic...does not hurt at all, which surprises the doctors. It does not surprise me since my nerves are for shit. Prolly just not getting the signals to the nerves in my brain. I'm a bit like Kick Ass...damaged nerves = no pain.

The one bad thing is that this bit of decay has eaten away at the bone. If left this way, eventually my jaw bone will deteriorate and then one fine day BAM!!!! Broken jaw....which would be gross since parts of the bone would be gone and that infection would get everywhere. Nastiness is what it is. Pure fuckin' nastiness.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

You smiled...

...then I laughed so hard, I cried.

The end.

Note to any restaurant: Do not use romaine with lettuce wraps.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Energized Radiance - The Summer Exhibition

I have a few pieces in the Energy Art Movement Summer Show, Energized Radiance. I am very excited about that because the artists who are participating are excellent. It is an honor to show my work along side them.

Here are a couple of slide shows with the art and Fifty-Six Gallery in Memphis, TN, plus the work I have on display there.
Energized Radiance - The Summer Exhibition on PhotoPeach

Listen (2009), Watercolor on board.

The Glowing Wood( 2010), Liquid Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

Aurara Borealis (2010), Acrylic Mixed Media on Stretched Canvas

The Fifty-Six Gallery Unpacking Art for the Show:

New Statement...

New artist statement:
"I do this because I love it."

Sublime Rush - Issue 004 is out!

Sublime Rush - Issue 004 is out now. I have three items in it this time around. An interview with Lolita Agogo, an interview with Giorgio Vaselli about the Energy Art Movement, and a little coverage for the AbX: Visual Rhythms show that took place at the end of May. Plus there is a ton of stuff worth checking out.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Cynical Optimist + Ms. Voyuer

I think it is a fallacy to assume someone is negative just because they choose to question someone's perception of reality...or their reality. A cynical optimist simply looks at the big picture...

I have not posted anything for a bit...I started writing what is above weeks ago...and got bored. I am currently researching two artists who just amaze me with their talent and skill. WOW. It will be wonderful to have them as part of the next issue of Sublime Rush for sure!

Getting ready for the Image Optical opening reception in August. Doing some smaller works to sell that night. Also need to get my list of contacts together and start a quarterly news letter. Update the CV...work on Pattern Changes...plan the Folio project...and so on and et cetera...plus a thousand more things.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Understanding

One of the best things one of my art instructors taught me was that you need to understand reality before you can paint the abstract. If I had more time I would do more line drawings and more still life to practice painting.

"I am not here to fulfill your expectations. If I fulfill your expectations I will never be able to transform you. I am here to destroy all your expectations, I am here to shock you. And in those shocking experiences your mind will stop. You will not be able to figure it out - and that is the point where something new enters you." Osho

Saturday, June 19, 2010

WIP - Cocoon

I think this is almost done. It is 36" x 48".
May just need to up the contrast in the bottom portion and adjust some stuff.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Accidents and Fairy Tales To Leave The Country

'Tis done now and submitted to the gallery in Canada...along with my CV...which keeps on growing, thankfully. I think I may put it into categories, versus just chronological.

Update: She is going to Sarnia. Ahhhh, Sarnia has sort of a fairy tale ring to it.

Monday, June 7, 2010

WIP - Accidents and Fairy Tales

My latest work in progress that I intend to enter into a juried show called Wowza Effect at a gallery in Sarnia, Canada.

Hopefully this is "wowza" enough for the jurors. Lately my work has been influenced by the oil spill off the coast. I could also call this calamari and add some green peppers into the composition. Mmmmmmm Q2 and squid...yummy!

Now I am hungry.