Sunday, August 29, 2010

Little Little Kiss

Sure, you've heard of Kiss, and maybe you've heard of Little Kiss, but have you heard of Little Little Kiss???? Hell yeah.

Studio Work - This weekend

A painting I worked on through last week and finished yesterday. I love it. It is calming to me.
Which is a good has been chaotic as usual between work and home and body. I had to chase off a creeper this week. My SB guy Ron introduced that term to me. A creeper is like a stalker, except he is casing the neighborhood. Granted, I will not do this again. Next time I promise I will call the cops. Pinky promise.
So yeah, introducing the rounded shapes into my work, what with all their straight, clean edges. That's new. Almost like bringing order to chaos, because the chaotic process is in there with it. And now that I wrote that, I think that is true. I believe everything I read, basically.
On another note, I basically avoided most things this weekend. I did manage to pick up my art, drop off my entry to OAL, and have lunch with my friend Karan. We went to my fav consignment shop Wholly Craft, where I found Little Little Kiss (this will get its own post) and a mag called Worn, which is very rad.

I also signed onto Twitter after a long, long hiatus. Sure, my FB fan page feeds it, but I had not posted any twits on the tweet site/app for a while. I am calling them twits on purpose - I know they are tweets, but that is fucking lame. I signed on to watch the antics of CatBagLady. Her quote is "I have momentary abberations. We all do." Yeah, we all do, so quit acting like you're so goddamn special. Although, the real cat bin lady is a horrible, horrible woman. Who the fuck puts a cat in a trash bin for fun? That is just psychotic. Which is why it is fun to watch people poke fun at her. Good times.

So, as you can see in the second photo, I am working on the next one, and have divided the canvas horizontally and added a lot of acrylic medium, both a hi gloss paste and a fiber paste, alternating them...smooth to rough. I want to apply the same flowing shapes to this one. I am trying to purvey chaos and control here to, along with some masculine and feminine aspects. Yeah...that sounds sufficiently full of it. lol

Saturday, August 28, 2010

BIG Hair

This is all you need...well this and some Aveda hair spray. Then you are good to go. Get it here.

Friday, August 27, 2010


I had this root canal and crown put on around 6 or 7 years ago. It is now sitting on a pool of decay. Totally asymptomatic...does not hurt at all, which surprises the doctors. It does not surprise me since my nerves are for shit. Prolly just not getting the signals to the nerves in my brain. I'm a bit like Kick Ass...damaged nerves = no pain.

The one bad thing is that this bit of decay has eaten away at the bone. If left this way, eventually my jaw bone will deteriorate and then one fine day BAM!!!! Broken jaw....which would be gross since parts of the bone would be gone and that infection would get everywhere. Nastiness is what it is. Pure fuckin' nastiness.