Friday, November 30, 2007

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UPDATE:Site is OK now. That worked. They had not hid a script on my site.

Okay, so here is the drill...the hackers got into my site through the ftp server/control panel. The exe that my virus software detected is not on my they are sending it in from a different site...the one I talked about earlier. So, I had to change the control panel password. I also had them move me to a different server. If they have hidden a php script in my site, then this could continue and I have a bigger mess to clean up, which my involved deleting every file on my site. That would be fine. I am too tired to care.

I am scrubbing that site....getting rid of all the files anyway. I plan to phase it out. I will probably get my .com set up at the place Jimmie told me about. (Thanks, man) And then have the .net redirect, I guess. This is incredibly fucked up.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


So, I am posting from my Mac. I am cleaning my PC. Installed a new anti-virus and am scanning the disks for little bugs...viruses and spyware. So far, so good. It'll be midnight before it is complete. LOTSA files.

Well, I am not sure how or why, but I have a hacker on my website again. Do not visit it. It is pulling something from or to What is f'ed up about it is that I accidentally opened my site on my mac and saw that in the status bar at the bottom of firefox. "Transferring data from...that site". Thing is, the only things I am transferring in are from a couple of scripts that pull in data from my deviant database. I know that site is not in the javascript...I have looked at the script.

The worst is that the other day at the same moment I opened my site my McAfee detected a Trojan Horse virus. It was blocked. So, who knows what else. Like I said, I am scanning PC right now with the most up to date, highly recommended (thanks, Jimmie) antivirus.

As far as mac is concerned, I shut it down before whatever it was transferring could complete. It kinda locked up for a sec and then turned off. Seems to be OK now. I have run its updates, but do not know what to do about an anti-virus. I thought I had one on here, but then again do Macs get viruses?

So, my final step is to figure out how is hacking my site and why they are sending malicious programs through it. I need to contact Hostrocket and see how this is happening. I may just take down my .net and resurrect my .com via another server. I can't tell if this is my fault for not being up-to-date, or if it is my server space provider for not keeping their servers protected. It all started when they sent new password for logging into the site. I will deal with that bag o shit tomorrow. Also, I am contemplating signing into my site to get their code off of it for now. I think that if I only view the source code without the html in a browser to activate the programs I should be ok.

This is how I feel today.

This is a work by David Senecal called When We Were Happy.

So, it seems to me that there are forces in the universe that exist in order to suck the life out a person. I believe these forces are very well suited for management in corporations because they usually end up there. Actually they are not. I have only met two managers that have this trait. I am sure there are more out there, but I have been lucky enough to have two. They are both vortexes of ego and inefficiencies.

I go home at night and want to paint, but my hand hurts. It is numb and it hurts at the same time. I spend some time trying to see if I have the range of motion that I use to have. I do not.

Time to go to work.

Monday, November 26, 2007

And That's the Way It Is In Oklahoma homa....

Dig it. I need to rip this song to put on the Omnibucket site with the Amanda Palmer interview...

OH yeah, by the way, Kelly is in this video, betch.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Walking Dead

Kurella talked me into reading The Walking Dead, a graphic novel, and I have to say it is really very good. It explores how humanity would cope with surviving a zombie infestation. It never really tells how it begins. They use a common plot element for the zombie genre...The main character wakes up in a hospital from a coma. I can think of two other ones right away...Resident Evil and 28 Days Later (never ever to be confused with 28 Days). But in those stories, one knows how it begins. Anyway, I highly recommend the books. I am on Volume 5 of 7. I am passing them along to Senecal...may never see them again because he has hinted of a trade. He better make it a worthy trade. I am sure he will.

More on The Walking Dead...
The Walking Dead Wikipedia
By the Issue

Friday, November 23, 2007

Spam is awesome! It's like free porno...

"Dear, pmintun. Large muscular rods make women go wild!!"

Awesome! Oh, the entertainment never ends in my spam folder.

Speaking of porno...softcore. I took my new calendar down to my family yesterday...gave one to mom and my sister...Hold on! I know what your thinking. No, my calendar is not full of porn. My point is, one of my images is a very simple abstract nude. Well, my other sister made it a point to repeat over and over again to everyone that I am painting smut. She is a republican, so this sort of behavior is kind of expected, but come on. Silly republican!!!...
Here is the pic...

And the calendar...

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Upcoming Projects/Goals 2008...

1. My list of 40+ paintings (both traditional and digital)...I will not detail them here.
2. A zombie story for OLOGY...if it develops into the awesome I think it can.
3. Collaborate on a digital project with an artist friend. Whenever he gets to me on his long list of projects.
4. As soon as issue 19 of OLOGY is published, start contacting the next set of people on my list to interview.
5. Design for Celebrity Chef event (CAHS)
6. Work on a pretty large commission...a piece of art for someone's living room....we shall see how that goes. So many people proposition me and it never goes anywhere. About 50% of the time they fall through.
7. Get the Esty store set up and running.
8. Create and animation for a VS video. Would be awesome.
9. Invest $1500 or more toward art collection in '08. I have really expanded my collection this year. My latest is a watercolor from a woman in Scotland. A couple of my favs from this year are from Senecal, as well as a limited edition tarot deck from Shelly Corbett. I really need to list all of the items I have collected over the years and make an inventory. I discuss investing in stocks or art with a friend of mine, and I always say I get more satisfaction investing in and collecting art.
10. Manage an abstract club on Deviant...and possibly a Trad. Collage Club.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Absence of Color...

It is not gray, it is an absence of color.

So, happy Thanksgiving. What are you giving thanks for tomorrow...

Hello to Connor!

Thanks are a rockin' kid. NOW quit watching Kelly's Youtube videos and do your homework!!! ;)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Text Message Breakup

OK, now I am obsessed with

Kelly's fuckin' rad. This video has everything...vampires, Margaret Cho, and Star Wars characters....

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

If I Were...

If I were ....

a month, i would be:
a day of the week, i would be:
a time of day, i would be:
3 am
a planet, i would be:
a moon/satellite:
Jupiter's Europa
a sea animal, i would be:
A giant squid or octopus
a direction, i would be:
a piece of furniture, i would be:
An overstuffed chair and a half with a matching ottoman
a sin, i would be:
Lust or Envy
a historical figure, i would be:
An Egyptian queen
a liquid, i would be:
Coffee, tea or mercury
a stone, i would be:
a tree, i would be:
A pear, i dunno.
a bird, i would be:
a tool, i would be:
A paintbrush
a weapon, i would be:
Something sharp
an accessory, i would be:
A long, flowing silk scarf
a flavor, i would be:
a flower/plant, i would be:
a rare orchid
a kind of weather, i would be:
Breezy and cold, but sunny
a mythical creature, i would be:
A glam vampire
a musical instrument, i would be:
Bongo drums, baby.
an animal, i would be:
A spoiled house cat
a colour, i would be:
Purple or red
a vegetable, i would be:
Red pepper
a sound, i would be:
The distant sound of thunder, or a whistle from a train where no tracks exist.
an element, i would be:
a car, i would be:
A Jag-u-wah
a song, i would be:
Steel Cube Idolatry
a movie, i would be directed by:
David Lynch
a book, i would be written by:
Max Brooks...oh, I kid. Stephen Hawking...not really.
a food, i would be:
food for the soul...
a material, I would be:
Chinese silk
a taste, i would be:
a scent, i would be:
a religion, i would be:
Buddhism...and Baha'i
an object, i would be:
A canvas
body part, i would be:
a facial expression, i would be:
A smile
a subject in school, i would be:
Art class
cartoon character, i would be:
I am at a loss here
a shape, i would be:
A sphere
a number, i would be:

Incompetent Phlebotomist!!!!

Ever been tortured before??? OMG. I won't even go into the details (and you know I usually never hold back) because they are gross and I may throw up. Thank Jebus she finally just gave up and had the competent phelbotomist take over. It's gona leave a mark! My next water color is sure to be a crying eye and blood squirting everywhere. Actually that happened a few times ago, and not this time. That was when I discovered you could probably kill a person with a tounaquet and a well place pin hole in the skin. What happened today was far worse to me. That fucking bitch!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007


This cracks me the f*ck up. OMG shoes.
Those shoes are mine, betch.

So, I think I need some new shoes now...

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Basura Blanco

I'm getting a tattoo.

So, today I was talking to one of my nephews, Chris. Well, he is a nephew-in-law...sort of. Anyway, he was telling me which tattoo artists are the best in town. I think I am going to try Kevin at Stained Skin. Or else some dude named Angelo. I think I have met both of them at one time or another. Anyway, I am going to do this by the time my birthday rolls around. Lower back. My own design.

Sí...basura blanco. Abrazo de mis raíces.

Note: I have to love Alta Vista. "Abrazo de mis raíces" started out as "Get in touch with my roots". The translation back is "Hug my roots". Love it.

PS...not that tattoos are total white depends on the tattoo. Oh yeah, and who it is on.

Friday, November 9, 2007

1. 18. 08

Earlier this year I went to see Transformers and was completely weirded out by one of the movie trailers. Time is a tickin' and I cannot wait to see what is making that horrible noise!

Check out the Cloverfield wikipedia.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

1 in 700 Remain Awake

The last time I was under a general anesthetic I woke up during the surgery. But I wasn't really awake. I was in my body, but not like I am normally...I was completely aware of my surroundings. My soul was floating somewhere around my middle in darkness. I felt exactly what they were doing to me. I felt the motion of the scalpel as it scraped. I heard the doctors discuss their vacations with complete comprehension. I could not move. I could not speak. I did not feel any pain...only pressure. I fought my way out of it and woke up completely in the operating room with the hose still down my throat. They thought I had just woke up. I didn't say anything. I told my doctor what happened at the follow-up appointment. I showed her how she did the surgery and recited the conversation she had with the anesthesiologist. She felt bad about it, but honestly, I did not care. It was just a weird experience.

I am a little worried about my next surgery. They will slice my neck open (from the side) and take out part of my spine...vertebrae 5 and 6. They will replace it with some fabricated material, or cadaver bones. I would hate to wake up during this and have that amount of awareness of the process. Especially when they remove the bones around my spine. I do not want to hear bone saws and nurses laughing.


Hello, Fergus...

....the reason I LOVE bulldogs....who wouldn't love a mug like that???

Monday, November 5, 2007

Creating My Artist Statement

Okay, I decided to work through developing my artist statement in a quasi-public forum. I will be filling this in later tonight.

I am using materials from this site.

STEP ONE: Assemble the Ingredients.
1. Take five minutes and think about why you do what you do. Jot down short phrases that capture your thoughts. Don't worry about making sense or connections. The more you stir up at this point, the richer the stew.

How did you get into this work?
How do you feel when work is going well?
What are your favorite things about your work?

2. Make a list of words and phrases that communicate your feelings about your work and your values. Include words you like, words that make you feel good, words that communicate your values or fascinations. Be loose. Be happy. Be real. Think of these as potential seasonings for your stew. You don't have to choose which ones to use just yet, so get them all out of the cupboard.

3. Answer these questions as simply as you can. Your answers are the meat and potatoes of your stew. Let them be raw and uncut for now.

What is your favorite tool? Why?
What is your favorite material? Why?
What do you like best about what you do?
What do you mean when you say that a piece has turned out really well?
What patterns emerge in your work? Is there a pattern in the way you select materials? In the way you use color, texture or light?
What do you do differently from the way you were taught? Why?
What is your favorite color? List three qualities of the color. Consider that these qualities apply to your work.

4. Look at your word list. Add new words suggested by your answers to the questions above.

5. Choose two key words from your word list. They can be related or entirely different. Look them up in a dictionary. Read all the definitions listed for your words. Copy the definitions, thinking about what notions they have in common. Look your words up in a Thesaurus. Read the entries related to your words. Are there any new words that should be added to your word list?

6. Write five sentences that tell the truth about your connection to your work. If you are stuck, start by filling in the blanks below.

When I work with__________ I am reminded that___________.

I begin a piece by______________.

I know a piece is done when__________________.

When my work is going well, I am filled with a sense of _____________.

When people see my work, I'd like them to ________________.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Things to Live By

I have a headache...too much shit in my head maybe... I discovered this one this morning: Never ever ever fall asleep while an infommercial is running about weight loss. All I did was transfer the sounds to some weird, distorted infommercial dream that filled me with weight-loss anxiety. I mean, I have lost almost 50 pounds...what do I want from me????

Seriously though, the most effective self help book I have ever read (aside from OSHO) has been The Four Agreements. The four agreements is not a secret. They are on the internet (I have listed them below) and they are in the cover of the book.

The Four Agreements
"Based on ancient Toltec wisdom, the Four Agreements offer a powerful code of conduct that can rapidly transform our lives and our work into a new experience of effectiveness, balance and self supporting behavior.

Everything we do is based on agreements we have made. In these agreements we tell ourselves who we are, what everyone else is, how to act, what is possible and what is impossible. What we have agreed to believe creates what we experience. When these agreements come from fear obstacles develop keeping us from realizing our greatest potential."

"Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love."

"Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won't be the victim of needless suffering."

"Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness, and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life."

"Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgement, self-abuse, and regret."

Information listed on this blog came from here.
You can find the book here.

Cold November Rain

So, in the months leading up to Halloween I had built up in my mind that it was going to be a such a fun experience. And when it actually happened it was blah. It's November now. So, last night I did a Halloween tarot reading on a friend. I recorded it in the blog, then it seemed to take these unexpected and revealing turns and seemed to make to many odd speculations about him, so I did not published it.

I expect that this will be a very busy month. Next week the Bob Ross Tribute contest wraps up. That was fun. I need to think of a clever thing to do next...a contest on DA. Wad thinking of a CSS contest, but I can do that myself anyway. I have quite a few paintings planned for the rest of the year. Getting ready to enter a small work into the December show, OAL Thumb Box. Possibly The Devil's Breath:

The Devil's Breath by =peggymintun on deviantART

OH yeah. And in just a couple of weeks I am going to see the Cult. That will be cool. My friend Karan is going, too. More to follow...

Oh yeah, by the way, it is sunny outside.