Friday, November 30, 2007

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UPDATE:Site is OK now. That worked. They had not hid a script on my site.

Okay, so here is the drill...the hackers got into my site through the ftp server/control panel. The exe that my virus software detected is not on my they are sending it in from a different site...the one I talked about earlier. So, I had to change the control panel password. I also had them move me to a different server. If they have hidden a php script in my site, then this could continue and I have a bigger mess to clean up, which my involved deleting every file on my site. That would be fine. I am too tired to care.

I am scrubbing that site....getting rid of all the files anyway. I plan to phase it out. I will probably get my .com set up at the place Jimmie told me about. (Thanks, man) And then have the .net redirect, I guess. This is incredibly fucked up.

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