Thursday, November 22, 2007

Upcoming Projects/Goals 2008...

1. My list of 40+ paintings (both traditional and digital)...I will not detail them here.
2. A zombie story for OLOGY...if it develops into the awesome I think it can.
3. Collaborate on a digital project with an artist friend. Whenever he gets to me on his long list of projects.
4. As soon as issue 19 of OLOGY is published, start contacting the next set of people on my list to interview.
5. Design for Celebrity Chef event (CAHS)
6. Work on a pretty large commission...a piece of art for someone's living room....we shall see how that goes. So many people proposition me and it never goes anywhere. About 50% of the time they fall through.
7. Get the Esty store set up and running.
8. Create and animation for a VS video. Would be awesome.
9. Invest $1500 or more toward art collection in '08. I have really expanded my collection this year. My latest is a watercolor from a woman in Scotland. A couple of my favs from this year are from Senecal, as well as a limited edition tarot deck from Shelly Corbett. I really need to list all of the items I have collected over the years and make an inventory. I discuss investing in stocks or art with a friend of mine, and I always say I get more satisfaction investing in and collecting art.
10. Manage an abstract club on Deviant...and possibly a Trad. Collage Club.

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