Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lost From You Series @ RoyGBiv Gallery

You can see this painting at the RoyGBiv Gallery beginning in December in the Small Works Show.

Lost From You

Artist Statement: "It is with great sadness and regret that I need to inform you that I have no idea who you are anymore. I could look in the marshy swamp, or the dark wood, but I have a feeling you are in an abyss that is unreachable. Perhaps I will know you again some day."

12" x 36" overall.
1 - Watercolor pigment, liquid acrylic, pen and gloss varnish on a fabric-like board on a black 1" frame.
2 - Watercolor pigment, liquid acrylic, pen and gloss varnish on a clayboard on a black .5" frame.
3 - Watercolor pigment, liquid acrylic, pen and gloss varnish on a gessoboard on a black .5" frame.
$400 for the set....I would prefer not to break it up.

You can see these works at the RoyGBiv Gallery located at 997 N. HIGH ST. COLUMBUS,OH 43201-2402.

For more information about RoyGBiv Gallery, visit them here.

Space Dust @ OAL Gallery

You can see this painting at the OAL Gallery beginning in December in the Thumb Box Show.

Space Dust

Artist Statement: Trying to get lost in the cold expanse of space...and on such a small canvas. Made specifically for this show-all of the works are 6" by 6" or smaller.

6" x 6" Watercolor, liquid acrylic, silver pen and gloss varnish on 2" framed aquabord.

The Ohio Art League Gallery is located at 954 N. High St. Columbus, OH 43215.
For more information about OAL, go to

Friday, November 28, 2008

Ghost Hunter

So, I found out that my nephew is a ghost hunter yesterday. He owns most of the equipment for it, less a thermal camera. Thermal cameras cost around $6 grand. His current website is on MySpace.

He has some pretty scary photos of ectoplasm. One definitely has a skull in it. He told us a story about some video he took of a possession after someone used an Ouija board. I hope that is not true.

Most of the conversation was around the activity in the house we all grew up in. Four of us saw things while we were living in the house. My mom said the woman who owns the house now is also seeing things. Here is a list of what each of us have seen:

1. Me - I saw a reflection of a woman from the kitchen. She was standing the living room by the windows.

2. Jack - Saw a bright blue light from the kitchen and utensils floating in the air.

3. Katie - Saw the woman in the living room by the window. Same woman.

4. My sister - Watched a cloud (ectoplasm?) form on top of the table in the kitchen. It spun around and around and went up into the ceiling.

5. We each have had weird things happen in the upstairs.

A little history is that a man who lived there before my family bought the house got so scared one night that he shot his pistol into the hallway. The doors still have the bullet holes.

The house has changed hands several times since my family moved out. No one stays for too long.

We do not know what the current woman is seeing. Jack wants to do an investigation. I'm not sure if she will let him/us do that.

Anyway, Karan and Jared, let me know if you are up for that.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hot Tea...

Matte Latte from the Republic of Tea with a cinnamon teabag thrown in to spice it up. I love Republic of Tea.
Anyway, this picture is the teabags I used today sitting on a cotton canvas. I painted a different one earlier this week called St33p, after a poem I wrote a while back, last year.

Soaked up in a moment,
Every ounce of my essence,
Imbued in hot water.

Staining my surroundings,
Waiting to be consumed,
Made more palatable with saccharine fakeness,
Because you can’t take it straight.

The longer I sit, the more bitter I become,
The less diluted I am,
With knowledge of my pending disposal.
I am good for one use.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Migraines Suck

I get these crazy migraines on occasion since the surgery. Turns out the surgery is the cause of them, according the physical therapist. They are fucking debilitating. I feel awful, I puke, and then I feel awful some more. Turns out a vicodin helps. Found that out too 30 minutes...and missed the NIN concert.

Stole the photo from Jared. Dude, awesome seats!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

June Abstract Show

I will be helping organize the Abstract Show at the High Road Gallery in June of 2009. The planning meetings will begin at the first of the year. It will be an open call for entries. Not sure of the details beyond that.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


OK. I am watching this TV show called Cha$e on the Sci-fi channel. I have to say, I like it. It is fuckin' exciting. I dig the Secret Service like dudes, but dress those bitches like Zombies and that would be cooler.

I need a soma.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A New Calendar for 2009!

I just uploaded my new calendar for 2009. It is a selection of works from my Watercolor Experiments series. Most of these works will be shown in a show in March of 2009 at Image Optical Gallery in the Short North Gallery District here in Columbus, Ohio. I am excited to be able to exhibit the collection of works.

Personally, I know I have had a lot of artistic growth over the year, and I think the experiments show that growth. It definitely signifies my letting go and accepting fate, accepting the utter chaos that life brings, and then reeling it back into my realm of control. This decade has definitely tried to kick my ass, but I have made the best of life at every turn.

Hopefully the dA slideshow of the gallery wlll be available soon for non-beta testers and the public. It goes well with NIN, Ghosts, listening from IV to I.

The calendar is available for purchase here.

I will order a certain amount and have them available for purchase for $20.00. That way you can save on shipping. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to hand them out again this year.

I also plan to publish a portrait-oriented calendar with many of my old and new pen and ink sketches. It is for my friends who like to carry the thing around as a planner.

|=u(ki|\|g Zombies

Last year I was involved in a zombie attack at my work. Nothing serious. Currently, I am the closest thing to a zombie that I know of. I have the bones of the dead within me and they are reanimating (aka "grafting") as I write this. These bones are fortified by steel plates. So, this makes me a zombie robot. Well, people like to call me that. The hilarious thing is that I developed a character last year (developed as in drew) that was a zombie robot. I had no idea that one year later my fate would have such a coincidental twist. It's a coincidence and not irony, by the way. I have nothing against zombies or robots, much less robotic zombies.

When did my love of zombies begin? Very recently...up until two years ago, the thought of zombies freaked me out. A friend of mine had just published a book called Brainchild. He thought I would be interested in seeing it. I was not and I told him so. But, I bought it anyway (since it would be cool to own a book by a friend). Got it, read it, and had nightmares about it that night. But, I was hooked.

There was something about zombies that suddenly appealed to me. I then branched off to books released by the Permuted Press, Rebecca Brock stories, and Max Brooks books. I stared getting into Romero movies, Resident Evil movies, and all the others. I have even written some zombie stuff of my own.

It is very early in the planning, but there may be another zombie anthology by my friend. I am helping him out with this project. Although, based on our work schedules and my additional 2009 art schedule, I think it may 2010 before it happens.

About the picture: Undead vs Undead 2007. My friend Jared is a zombie. I am a vampire...well, sorceress vampire. Whatever. (I have lost 50 pounds since that picture was taken.)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Big In Japan - Wabi-Sabi

The other day an artist on dA (more about him and his project in another post) told me that I could be big in Japan. Hey, that's a band name....not a very good band, but I digress. So, this guy told me that I would be a hero in Japan because I am a disciple of wabi-sabi. I had no idea what that means and had to Google it, although, I have heard that my work has a lot of Asian influence. Which also makes sense because one of my artist friends from Scotland, whom I have a great deal of respect for, studied with an artist in Beijing.

Turns out, I probably am following wabi-sabi, even if I have not done so consciously. Wabi-Sabi is actually two separate beliefs that have been brought together recently. It is an ancient Buddhist philosophy that represents asymmetry, asperity, simplicity, modesty, intimacy, and suggest a natural process. I have always related my work to nature and often try to depict decay and imperfection. There is a beauty in that kind of natural process.

Here are a couple of links to study, if you want:
What is Wabi - Sabi?
Wabi Sabi on Wikipedia

Monday, November 10, 2008

Soup Spell

Okay, I have this weird and freakish ability to change the properties of a creamy potato or a creamy broccoli. I freaked my husband out tonight because I proved that I could thin soup just by being near it. I was eating mine and told him what happens. He said it was just my soup. His soup (the same soup) was still thick. So he traded me.

Within a minute his soup, too, was like water. He was weirded out by it.
It is a bummer because I'll be enjoying a thick, creamy soup and within moments it is thin as water. I have had this "ability" for years. I worked with a woman years back who watched me do it and told me that I was a natural witch. I'm not sure if I believe in all of that or not, but witches are suppose to be able to control the elements, right? Who knows. I am not sure what good it is...

But there must be a scientific reason as to why this happens.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Recently, I was interviewed by Andrei Pavel for Romania's Urban Arts Channel. You can check out that interview here.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Our state is blue!!!!!!!!!

Listening to fireworks go off in the distance. It is a time for celebration.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Barack My Vote

I was telling my husband this evening that this is the fifth presidential election that I have voted in, and I have never been so excited to vote for a person. I voted for Clinton the second time around, but my enthusiasm for him does not compare to the absolute hope and excitement I feel about voting for Obama. I believe this man can bring great change in our nation. I want to feel proud to be an American again and I think he can inspire change and lead us in a better direction. We need this country to be about the people and for the people. Not for the oil companies. Not for the drug companies. Not for the insurance companies. Corporate greed has poisoned this place. I am tired of greedy men and waring men. It is time to not be lulled by these entities and scared into needless war and suffering. I hope you get out there and vote for Barack!

Here is a little flash back with the Wazzzzup!!!!! commercial and how the guys have fared 8 years into the Bush administration. I hope what you see at the end of it is what we see tomorrow and hopefully before midnight!!