Friday, November 28, 2008

Ghost Hunter

So, I found out that my nephew is a ghost hunter yesterday. He owns most of the equipment for it, less a thermal camera. Thermal cameras cost around $6 grand. His current website is on MySpace.

He has some pretty scary photos of ectoplasm. One definitely has a skull in it. He told us a story about some video he took of a possession after someone used an Ouija board. I hope that is not true.

Most of the conversation was around the activity in the house we all grew up in. Four of us saw things while we were living in the house. My mom said the woman who owns the house now is also seeing things. Here is a list of what each of us have seen:

1. Me - I saw a reflection of a woman from the kitchen. She was standing the living room by the windows.

2. Jack - Saw a bright blue light from the kitchen and utensils floating in the air.

3. Katie - Saw the woman in the living room by the window. Same woman.

4. My sister - Watched a cloud (ectoplasm?) form on top of the table in the kitchen. It spun around and around and went up into the ceiling.

5. We each have had weird things happen in the upstairs.

A little history is that a man who lived there before my family bought the house got so scared one night that he shot his pistol into the hallway. The doors still have the bullet holes.

The house has changed hands several times since my family moved out. No one stays for too long.

We do not know what the current woman is seeing. Jack wants to do an investigation. I'm not sure if she will let him/us do that.

Anyway, Karan and Jared, let me know if you are up for that.

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