Monday, October 29, 2007

Me...a Zombie...Sweeeet.

If you thought that was entertaining, then check this out. I may be an extra in a B a zombie. That is sooooo awesome. One of my life goals realized. Well, maybe not a life goal, but kewl none the less. The movie is called Book of the Dead.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The New Venetian Snares Release... pretty awesome. I have not heard one so far that is inspiring me to make an animation, but I am sure one will come across. Not that I ever get around to such things. There is not enough time.

My list of projects keeps on growing. Right now I am working on a digital one called The Vanity of the Moon. More necrotizing flesh, but in the reflected light of the moon on the model's face. My reference is wearing these awesome leather gloves and pink iridescent stripper boots. I will probably paint on some clothes (right now she is wearing a hot pink bra and black panties). Something simple and timeless. Vanity is timeless. And not hot pink. Yeah, the boots must go. The gloves will stay. The piece is about the illusion of beauty and deception. I can see where the heavy black leather butcher gloves work within the meaning. As if she needs to be protected from touching the mirror. Anyway...yawn.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Random Weekendnesses

Yesterday I finally caught up with the family and went to see my mom's new condo. It is on the small side, but will be easier for her to manage. She is beginning to look more and more like Molly, her mom. It was especially great to see Mackenzie and Gavin. They are so absolutely adorable. He will be a year old soon, and Mackenzie is three. I played chase around the condo with Mac. She is sooooo awesome and fun.

The days have been gorgeous this weekend. I went out for a little while to enjoy it. I think i missed the insect displays at the Inniswood park. Grrrr. I really wanted to get some photography in. Perhaps I will wait a week or two and go take some fall pics. I would love to take a weekend and go hiking at Old Man's Cave, too.

I did three paintings this week, but still have a couple things I want to do if possible. I feel like I need to get organized more than anything.

Monday, October 15, 2007

VS Mutant C*nt Sniffer Video

Posted here because Senecal thinks I am sending him a video of John Tesh. And I am not.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Elegant Gore

I think I am going to write a wikipedia entry on elegant gore. A DA friend thought the phrase deserves a meme. I do as well. So, I am on to my second wikipedia contribution.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


I love Nick. He is one of my dearest friends. I just don't see enough of him, actually. I need to call him.

My favorite conversation with Nick:
Nick: [Actually, I don't remember what Nick said to threaten me, but it was funny. It was either about some erotic poem I had written and he found on the net or about seeing someone who happen to look like me on a corner looking like a thigh-high black patent-leather stilettos...Jesus that is gross.]
Me: Are you blackmailing me??
Nick: Maybe....
Me: Kick ass!!!! (In my best Cartman voice)

Nick and I use to have this thing we called Creative Club where we would meet up around town and try to be creative. It would consist of 10 minutes of ideas and then slowly dissolve into a gossip session about everyone we knew. We would invite people to come join us, but then completely forget to tell them where and when we were meeting. Then we would ask them where in the hell they were at the next day and that they were sorely missed. This was not intentional, or to be mean…we were just very unorganized and last minute.

To be in the "club" one had to add a stanza onto a poem Nick wrote back in high school. When he was asked to write and present this poem in class he was in a particularly foul mood, so it ended up like this...

Birdie, birdie in the snow,
Had a broken wing you know.
Lured him in with bits of bread,
Then I smashed his pretty head.

Gruesome, huh? Well, Nick did not go unpunished. He was immediately sent to counseling to uncover what angst caused him to write such a horrible poem (besides just being a smart-ass kid who did not feel like writing one).

I since have forgotten my stanza...I bet its on one of my work computers from sometime in the past. Some IT guy may have found it...I sure hope so.

Feel free to add a stanza. It is rather dark, so keep it dark.

Friday, October 5, 2007

The Freeway is NOT a Fucking Racetrack

The freeway is NOT a fucking racetrack...there I said it again. Joe just called me upset because he saw a car speeding down 71S in the slow lane and then cutting over across the freeway to pass everyone. The guy clipped someone trying to change lanes at a normal speed because they did not see his deft maneuvering. Then the guy spun out of control and hit the center front of Joe. He banked (thankfully) and then spun into the front of a semi, which clipped him or her. Uhhhh, yeah.

Venetian Snares

Success. I got the questions back from Aaron Funk (aka Venetian Snares), so I that will be published in Issue 20 of OLOGY magazine. Funk is really funny and clever. Thank god the guys at OLOGY aren't an uptight bunch...
Next up...well, it is not my practice to tell, but I have a couple cool musical artists in mind.

So, I'm glad I got that one in right before Mercury goes into retrograde. That always makes for a lot of technical/communication snafus. I will probably wait about a month to begin contacting the next set. Plus I will probably research and write questions in advance in case they note me back immediately, which seems to happen when they are interested.