Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The New Venetian Snares Release...

...is pretty awesome. I have not heard one so far that is inspiring me to make an animation, but I am sure one will come across. Not that I ever get around to such things. There is not enough time.

My list of projects keeps on growing. Right now I am working on a digital one called The Vanity of the Moon. More necrotizing flesh, but in the reflected light of the moon on the model's face. My reference is wearing these awesome leather gloves and pink iridescent stripper boots. I will probably paint on some clothes (right now she is wearing a hot pink bra and black panties). Something simple and timeless. Vanity is timeless. And not hot pink. Yeah, the boots must go. The gloves will stay. The piece is about the illusion of beauty and deception. I can see where the heavy black leather butcher gloves work within the meaning. As if she needs to be protected from touching the mirror. Anyway...yawn.

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