Saturday, October 6, 2007


I love Nick. He is one of my dearest friends. I just don't see enough of him, actually. I need to call him.

My favorite conversation with Nick:
Nick: [Actually, I don't remember what Nick said to threaten me, but it was funny. It was either about some erotic poem I had written and he found on the net or about seeing someone who happen to look like me on a corner looking like a thigh-high black patent-leather stilettos...Jesus that is gross.]
Me: Are you blackmailing me??
Nick: Maybe....
Me: Kick ass!!!! (In my best Cartman voice)

Nick and I use to have this thing we called Creative Club where we would meet up around town and try to be creative. It would consist of 10 minutes of ideas and then slowly dissolve into a gossip session about everyone we knew. We would invite people to come join us, but then completely forget to tell them where and when we were meeting. Then we would ask them where in the hell they were at the next day and that they were sorely missed. This was not intentional, or to be mean…we were just very unorganized and last minute.

To be in the "club" one had to add a stanza onto a poem Nick wrote back in high school. When he was asked to write and present this poem in class he was in a particularly foul mood, so it ended up like this...

Birdie, birdie in the snow,
Had a broken wing you know.
Lured him in with bits of bread,
Then I smashed his pretty head.

Gruesome, huh? Well, Nick did not go unpunished. He was immediately sent to counseling to uncover what angst caused him to write such a horrible poem (besides just being a smart-ass kid who did not feel like writing one).

I since have forgotten my stanza...I bet its on one of my work computers from sometime in the past. Some IT guy may have found it...I sure hope so.

Feel free to add a stanza. It is rather dark, so keep it dark.

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