Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An Unwelcome Guest

My kitten was not at all happy with his little visitor taking up space on his window ledge and blocking the sun.

Show at Haiku - July 2009

I have a second solo show for 2009, in July. This one is at Haiku in Columbus' Short North Gallery District. I am very excited. Except that I accidentally closed the car door on this piece. Gah! I need to fix the thing now.

Thank You Scarlet

One month and five days ago I had a little surgery on my neck. I had two levels of my cervical spine removed and replaced with cadaver bones and metal plates. I have to tell you, it has been an experience. I am healing up fast and well.

One of my first adventures out of the house was when I drove to meet some friends for a birthday lunch. My friend, who is a little goth (not the emo kind, more like the true kind: in spirit), asked me if I had the life story of the person who donated my bones. Nah, when a person donates bones and skin, they go to a bank. It is not quite like organs (hearts, livers, kidneys) where they track them and the match has to be more concise. With bones and skin, the process does not have as high of a risk of rejection as vital organs.

But, I still think about the fact that some person died and was kind enough to leave their parts and pieces for people like me to use. So, I named that unknown person Scarlet.

Why Scarlet? Because I have had an attraction to red since the surgery. I even died my hair red. I am not sure how much of a fake identity I want to develop past that point, so we will leave it at that.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Governor in Red Leather

The Governor in Red Leather...the one with $150,000 make-overs, and $17,000 per diems, when so many "Joe-Six Packs" and "Susie Soccer Moms" (uh, the fem version may not be correct...I usually quit listening after the first grossly inaccurate blanket description) wish they had an extra $17 for their meager per diem...

That governor? Why yes. And to not be outdone, McCain found his own "Joe Six pack" in "Joe the Plumber". But that is an actual man...was Joe prepared to face the kind of scrutiny he has faced as he was being used as McCain's patsy? Yeah, he is a patsy. Fuck, most Americans are, aren't they? Well, I hope it is more like they were! We have 10 more days to get enough people to wake up and realize that if they do own that descriptor, "Joe the Plumber", they are, in fact, a very average American. Republicans do not want to give you tax breaks. They want you to vote them in so they can get the tax breaks and break the rules for their rich and powerful friends. They want to continue to poison America with their greed. Oh, they will throw you a bone every once in a while and give you enough to buy a fucking TV, or invest in their corporations, once they realize they need to reel you back in. But remember to add that to your income on your next return.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Orange Coke

Okay, I just sent the following message to Hopefully they will do it...
"Hello. I wanted to email an idea I have for a Diet Coke flavor. Recently, when I am at Pei Wei, I add oranges to my diet coke, and it is delicious. If you could come up with an orange flavor diet coke, that would be awesome. I am sure regular Coke would be great, too, but I am diabetic. Thanks for your time."

I guess I could buy oranges and diet coke and do it myself, but that's a pain in the ass.

Update: I got an email back from Coke telling me that they cannot and will not take my suggestion because of a bunch of corporate BS that completely gets them out of ever paying me for making a suggestion. I didn't want to be paid. I wanted them to get their asses busy and make some orange Coke.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Large Impact Simulation Video

You know what bums me out about this? If it is possible to have an underground society if something like this happened, I bet they would actually save people like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears. Actually, who cares? Living underground for the rest of your life would suck anyway.

Are We Atill Married?

I just watched this sober...later on I will take a vicodin and see if I like it more...

Rusted World - WIP

I just finished varnishing Rusted Worlds and will assemble the piece later on today. I am excited to see the finished product. I am saving it for the March show.

Here is a little abstract photo of step two in my process on one of the blocks in this piece:

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bought some art today...

Well, yesterday. I bought a piece by Justin Gray at Agora V.

Here is his statement:
"My working process is derived from a ceramics firing process called pit firing where the artist builds a fire on top of his work and lets the smoke leave it's marks. This is precisely what I do, not on clay work, but instead on light weight panels."

Fire and smoke!! That completely rocks. The reason I bought the work was because it had such a tactile look. I wanted so bad to touch the thing to feel what it was made of. Jared and I thought it was made of fabric, but it was hard. Turns out, it is ceramic fired board. Very nice.
I am happy I bought it. It has a happy new home now.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Traditional Marriage Is An Antiquated Notion

I think instead of trying to legalize gay marriage, we should reexamine marriage in its entirety, and change the paradigm about what marriage really is in respect to the law and government. I believe that marriage, as we know it, is an antiquated notion in our society. If you take the romanticism out of the arrangement, what you have is truly a business arrangement and a partnership. This business arrangement and partnership is based on a mutual trust and respect, with love as a motivation. This does not and should not have to be held to the beliefs of a faction of society that only believes that it is exclusively a union between a man and a woman. It should be a union between any two people who choose to pursue it. The religious aspects of the union should be completely removed from the process as far as the legal part of it is concerned. If a couple chooses to have their marriage "blessed" my their church in a traditional marriage ceremony, then that would be a completely separate and private arrangement.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mmmm Sonic Youth in a Vicodin Haze

I am so not bored right now. Actually, I am doing pretty well. Listening the Children of Men soundtrack, which is quite incredible, by the way. Now the Sonic Youth song which I have been into lately is a cover of The Carpenters song Superstar, and is not on that soundtrack. Yeah, The Carpenters. I often get into those tribute albums and may go back and buy the whole thing. It is pretty awesome.

So, I have been high for days now. I am to a certain degree pretty much high all the time. I've lost 10 pounds now. I am in the next size down in a lot of things, so I have bought new clothes for when I return to work. Mostly red. Unfortunately I am the fattest person I know, so I'll just give the massive pile of giant clothes that are now on the floor of the extra bedroom to Goodwill or the Kidney Foundation.

I have not been as into my art as I thought I would be. I get distracted quick as fuck. Ha...what does that mean?? Depends on the guy, I guess.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bored Now

OMG. I am so fucking bored I am going out of my mind.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Assemblage Versus The Art of Cooking

Back a few years ago when I was in one of many marketing classes, specifically Marketing Behavior, I learned something shocking about myself. I was not actually a cook. Not that I was fooling myself into thinking I was some sort of chef, but I did have a few signature dishes I prepared that I could use to work my way into the hearts of men, so to speak. Turns out, cooks are very rare now days. Who has time today to not be an assembler, versus a cook or a chef? There is just way too much stuff to do.

So, if you look up "assemblage" in it's relation to art, you know that it truly is an art in itself. <More here on that> Either with assemblage art or assemblage cooking, you can make a really awesome thing, or you could really fuck it up. You still have to know how to "cook"...or design something.

Assemblage Chili...or just Chili

º 2 lbs of ground beef (fry it up and drain the grease)
º 1 onion all chopped up
º 1 can of Progresso Basil Tomato Soup
º 2 12 oz cans of diced tomatos
º 1 12 oz can of vegetarian baked beans (I like them better than kidney beans. Why vegetarian? They have less sugar.)
º 1 tbsp garlic salt
º 1/4 cup dried onion
º 1 tsp cayenne pepper (whoa...more if you want to make it freakin' HOT!!!!)

Directions: Cook the hamburger and drain the grease. Add the onion. Add everything else. Let it cook and simmer for a couple hours. Server it with some crackers and sour cream. Maybe some cheese.