Friday, October 24, 2008

The Governor in Red Leather

The Governor in Red Leather...the one with $150,000 make-overs, and $17,000 per diems, when so many "Joe-Six Packs" and "Susie Soccer Moms" (uh, the fem version may not be correct...I usually quit listening after the first grossly inaccurate blanket description) wish they had an extra $17 for their meager per diem...

That governor? Why yes. And to not be outdone, McCain found his own "Joe Six pack" in "Joe the Plumber". But that is an actual man...was Joe prepared to face the kind of scrutiny he has faced as he was being used as McCain's patsy? Yeah, he is a patsy. Fuck, most Americans are, aren't they? Well, I hope it is more like they were! We have 10 more days to get enough people to wake up and realize that if they do own that descriptor, "Joe the Plumber", they are, in fact, a very average American. Republicans do not want to give you tax breaks. They want you to vote them in so they can get the tax breaks and break the rules for their rich and powerful friends. They want to continue to poison America with their greed. Oh, they will throw you a bone every once in a while and give you enough to buy a fucking TV, or invest in their corporations, once they realize they need to reel you back in. But remember to add that to your income on your next return.

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