Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Orange Coke

Okay, I just sent the following message to Coke.com. Hopefully they will do it...
"Hello. I wanted to email an idea I have for a Diet Coke flavor. Recently, when I am at Pei Wei, I add oranges to my diet coke, and it is delicious. If you could come up with an orange flavor diet coke, that would be awesome. I am sure regular Coke would be great, too, but I am diabetic. Thanks for your time."

I guess I could buy oranges and diet coke and do it myself, but that's a pain in the ass.

Update: I got an email back from Coke telling me that they cannot and will not take my suggestion because of a bunch of corporate BS that completely gets them out of ever paying me for making a suggestion. I didn't want to be paid. I wanted them to get their asses busy and make some orange Coke.

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