Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bought some art today...

Well, yesterday. I bought a piece by Justin Gray at Agora V.

Here is his statement:
"My working process is derived from a ceramics firing process called pit firing where the artist builds a fire on top of his work and lets the smoke leave it's marks. This is precisely what I do, not on clay work, but instead on light weight panels."

Fire and smoke!! That completely rocks. The reason I bought the work was because it had such a tactile look. I wanted so bad to touch the thing to feel what it was made of. Jared and I thought it was made of fabric, but it was hard. Turns out, it is ceramic fired board. Very nice.
I am happy I bought it. It has a happy new home now.

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Jesse Mendez said...

Sounds great, I would like to see a close up of it... =)