Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dali and Warhol - But Who In The Hell Is Markoya??

The short answer = Dali's protege.

A couple of months ago I attended an online chat with Dali's protege, Louis Markoya on deviantArt. He told interesting stories about Dali and how he interacted with other artists in the 70's. There is one story about Dali and Warhol that stuck in my mind that ends with Warhol pissing all over some paintings and selling them.

Today I went to see the Warhol exhibit at the Wexner Center for the Arts here in Columbus. I actually got to see those paintings, or what I assume to be the paintings, since they listed as acrylic and urine as the materials. It was just wild to see them in person. I bought the book at the exhibit and took a little snapshot of the page where they are presented. Eight small works called Oxidation.

Here is a recap of the interview where he relates the Warhol story. I hacked it from the original transcript. A link to the original is at the end of this blog. It is worth checking out.

Interviewer: Dali kept a watchful eye on current events. What 70's artists did he find interesting and who did he get in touch with?

Markoya: Well...Warhol was nearly always around...and there are a lot of Dali references to Warhol....they had a rivalry as to their court...the people who follow them, and Warhol actually wanted me to join his....but I never liked Andy or his work..and though I was a lowly factory worker at

Interviewer: I know Dali prided himself on being the first to have painted a Coke bottle.

Markoya: Ya...Warhol had his group of wild transvestites always...I found most of them pretty frightful. There is a great little known story of Dali getting a present from Warhol...Dali had designed a work called Marilyn-Mao and used M. Monroe...Andy knew of itand gave Dali a print of his Marilyn. Dali actually put it on the floor and pissed on it....later to be one upped by Warhol as he did a whole series of piss paintings that he sold for large sums that is pissed [on]...Dali loved Warhol...but not for his art...which he did not like at all* platinus will always question "mixed media" now...

Interviewers: Indeed. He just always seemed less haughty than the rest of the Warhol clan. Oddly cerebral, but pretty damaged.

Markoya: Well we have two great examples in Dali and Warhol...Dali was driven to always become better, more, more cerebral, reaching, etc...Warhol, rarely even touched his work once he became famous...

An Audience with Louis Markoya: The Chat and More Questions.

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ZOMG Zoey LOVES Butter by me...a really half-assed tribute to Warhol.

Watercolor Experiments Calendar

Update: I just ordered a limited amount of calendars, which I can offer at a discount for $14.00. I ordered 13, but five are already gone.

Previous Post:

I just uploaded my new calendar for 2009. It is a selection of works from my Watercolor Experiments series. Most of these works will be shown in a show in March of 2009 at Image Optical Gallery in the Short North Gallery District here in Columbus, Ohio. I am excited to be able to exhibit the collection of works.

Personally, I know I have had a lot of artistic growth over the year, and I think the experiments show that growth. It definitely signifies my letting go and accepting fate, accepting the utter chaos that life brings, and then reeling it back into my realm of control. This decade has definitely tried to kick my ass, but I have made the best of life at every turn.

Hopefully the dA slideshow of the gallery wlll be available soon for non-beta testers and the public. It goes well with NIN, Ghosts, listening from IV to I.

The calendar is available for purchase here.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I DIG Silent Order

I have been watching Silent Order on deviantArt for years. Also known as Silent View, they are a team of fetish photographers from Germany. Yeah, I am not usually a fan of fetish, but, they do fetish with a dark and gothic and glamorous style, so it appeals to me. They have some of the best settings, as well, in what looks to be old European castles and manors.

ANDER.WELT, GEDANKEN.SCHWER and SCHOENHEITS.KOENIGIN, are only a few of their cooler galleries. ANDER.WELT is especially awesome with the movement of the fabric and the reddish tints to the sky.

They are now promising a book of their work. I hope it is out in time for my birthday next year. Obviously it will be a direct order from Germany. I doubt that Barnes and Noble will carry it. More on Silent View

Friday, December 19, 2008

GCAC - Potential

I found out yesterday that I was chosen to be in the January 8th selection for the 2009 Greater Columbus Arts Council Partnership Awards. Galleries around Central Ohio submit work from their artists to be judged by a panel of five jurors. They choose 10 artists from all of the galleries. 4 out of 5 jurors chose my work for the selection.

What happens now is I present my two works to GCAC. The jurors then view the twenty works from the 10 artists and choose three finalists. The finalist artworks are purchased and given as awards to the three top businesses who contribute to the arts in Columbus.

I am very happy that Sean Cooper, the director of OAL, sent my digital slides to the selection committee for consideration.

What an honor!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wow...Great Editing

Wow...the person who edited this was actually able to make a song out of it, which is cool.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Adventures in the Snow

First off, let me just remind everyone that soooo many people cannot drive in the snow in Columbus, Ohio. Not to be a snow-belt elitist, but this is nothing, kids. Nothing. That said, I felt like taking a chance and going out last night, so I dragged my friends out for an adventure...no worries - they lived through it. First we went out to drop off some art work near downtown, then headed over to check out some art work at the galleries, and ended up in Burgundy Room for some tapas. Wow, was it chilly at times!! Here are some pics from the adventure...
Definitely, a blurry shot, but I like it.

Karan and Jared, my co-adventurers...posing...


Here is the piece at the OAL Gallery: It is the space-like one...

Here are the pieces at RoyGBiv. The photographer standing in the photo was there to take pictures of the little orchestra that was just to the left of me.