Sunday, December 21, 2008

I DIG Silent Order

I have been watching Silent Order on deviantArt for years. Also known as Silent View, they are a team of fetish photographers from Germany. Yeah, I am not usually a fan of fetish, but, they do fetish with a dark and gothic and glamorous style, so it appeals to me. They have some of the best settings, as well, in what looks to be old European castles and manors.

ANDER.WELT, GEDANKEN.SCHWER and SCHOENHEITS.KOENIGIN, are only a few of their cooler galleries. ANDER.WELT is especially awesome with the movement of the fabric and the reddish tints to the sky.

They are now promising a book of their work. I hope it is out in time for my birthday next year. Obviously it will be a direct order from Germany. I doubt that Barnes and Noble will carry it. More on Silent View

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