Friday, August 24, 2007

Why Hello

It is a beautiful HOT day outside...I need to leave the house before it reaches 105 degrees. But not to work...I am feeling a little under the weather today...being that is in the sky.

So, I am working on a few things right now as far as writing and art. I have laid out this zombie story trying to put a weird religious spin on it. Currently cleaning up Dawn of Her Last Day (formerly Wheatwolf) in order to contribute it to Omnibucket. I am also doing many artworks. One being a drawing called Cellar Door. It is inspired by Donnie Darko. I am working on another time travel piece called The Magic of Flux Capacitors. I have a list of 30-40 projects I am working from. I have had crazy amounts of creative energy this summer. It seems as though my brain was frozen for the longest time. So, I think it will be time travel weekend. Also trying to jump into digital. Got to love the digital artists who can create such beautiful pieces. Trying to transfer my artisitic skills to that medium, without mucking things up with my history of using photoshop for graphic design is a challenge. But I am learning, and I have a great teacher.

I am also trying to get started contributing to OLOGY magazine by interviewing musicians. One of the guys who owns it asked me about it a couple times. I just looked at him and was like dude, I don't any musicians unless we are talking local/regional. Turns out that I have a pretty good chance to interview a pretty awesome, well-known one. More to come...

Cool things...

Check out this video by Venetian Snares...I think it is inspirational.

Saturday, August 4, 2007


I wanted to set up a blog that is outside of my DeviantArt world, and did not want to use my MySpace page. So, I am starting one here. Going to keep this short this time, but I hope to add much much more in the future.