Monday, November 30, 2009

The Landfill Art Project

Currently working on this hibcab for the Landfill Art Project - an artist reclamation project.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

SPMTSAT - WIP and Final

One of the bunches of tiny canvases I have been working on lately...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Night At 8pm

And I think I want to just go to bed and sleep off the month.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Everything looks better as a Polaroid. Just an opinion, but it is true. My subjective preference is that, and I am not changing least for today. I bought an application for my phone called "Shake It" a while ago and have made like 100 pseudo-Polaroids out of my run-of-the-mill pictures.

Here are a few of them...

By the way, this can be done in Photoshop, too, but this makes it easy.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kramer Knives vs. Dragon Sword

I have never been one to get all fan-girl over knives (unless you count my recent acquisition of Dragon Sword), but I would love to own a big Kramer butcher knife. I am not even sure if I would use it. I mean, I may just admire the way the man forges multiple layers of metal, which in turn, creates delicate patterns in the metal blade, that makes the knives strong from the process. He also chooses beautiful would grains for the handles of his knives. So, a Kramer knife represents beauty, chaos and strength.

Now this does not mean I am not gaga over "Dragon Sword". This sword appeared in my home one day, as if by magic. Well, not really. I walked in my house after a long day at Financial Institution X, and there it was in my entry way, like a mirage. I could hardly believe it was real. It now resides on one of my tall bookshelves in my home office. I mean, it is far more delicate than a Kramer knife. And if I had to choose one or the other in zombie outbreak, I have to go with the Kramer, hands down. I mean, you can't get stabby with a decorative sword and win the battle. I would go into detail here as to why...most is based on my extensive reading and viewing of CSI shows.

Behold...Dragon Sword...

Monday, November 23, 2009

My Google Is Strong

2009 is not a banner blogging year for me. Evidently I had a lot more to say in 2008. I believe this will be even more true in 2010. I won't be able to shut the hell up. I'll be like all blah, blah, blah and shit.

Part of my decrease activity in 2009 is that I dumbly hooked my blogger up to my facebook. Now, Facebook is a strange beast, though not as strange as Twitter. Twitter is Facebook's stupid, but good-looking, cousin. You don't want to not invite her along, because she may be useful. But Facebook is like the evil cousin that you do not want to turn your back on. You have to use it wisely though. Know its purpose, and do not consume beyond it, lest it grab you and pull you into its hell (which translates into wasting hours of your precious life). But, alas the reason I severed the FB/Blogspot connection was because I wanted more privacy for my public, online diary. Yep...I think you understand. No?? That's okay.

So, by now you may be asking, what makes me think my Google is strong? Well, because when I list a business/person on my website in text format, then "google" the said business/person, my site comes up...often within the first three. If you are listed on my website, and my site does not appear in your vanity search, then your google is strong, as well.

Photo: Courtesy of my iPhone...I filled in with My Little Ponies, because it completed my hallucination at the time. When is the last time you had a pony party, or even a zebra-painted donkey party? You had better start livin', my friend.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

VPL Be Damned

Ruffled panties are the bomb. Best panties ever.

By the way, VPL = Visible Pantie Lines.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm Not So Much Pissed As...

I will never forget this. Ever.

So, it was either 1999 or 2000. Those years were pretty much a blur to me. But, one thing I remember is the time I went to the Red Hot Chili Peppers show. I think it was their Californication tour. They were touring with the Foo Fighters and, at the time, a little known band called Muse. I was as excited to see the FF.

And then, first thing in the AM, day of the concent, we hear one of the guys in FF is sick...bad flu. Probably not so much the H5N1, or even the H1N1, or even the H1G1 (this is a made up flu that the guys from work and I created...Giraffe flu...more throat to get sore). Just your garden variety flu.

It turned out to be a great show, even without them. Even if I was dizzy the whole time...up in the nosebleed section.

Years later, I meet my friend Jess. Jess is pretty well known on the local music scene. We use to work together and would run into one another in the smoking area by the road. We hit it off, I designed her band's website a couple times. We were chatting one day about concerts and what-not and I told her I was bummed to have missed out on the Foo Fighters. She chuckled and said she had something to tell me...

Evidently they were in Dayton, or Toledo, or some such city, the night before the Columbus show. Jess and her buds got wind of it and they took off to hang out with them at a pub they were hanging out at. So, there is Jess, partying with the Foo Fighters...there they are getting completley smashed. There was no flu...just a ginormous hang over.

I thought it was hilarious more than anything else that she did this. Ah, Jess. She's a fun girl.

Photo: That's me up there, lookin' all rough and in need of a colorist.

Such a geek

I totally LOVED the new Star Trek movie. I wish I would have bought the HD version...duh.

I am such a geek like that.

I think what I dig about it is that it brought back that 60s vibe, man.

Oh, and there will always be only one James Tiberius Kirk for me.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Studio Shot

I need to get my ass back in the studio and create something soon.
By the way...just updated my website:

Driving Down Walhalla

A drive down Walhalla Street makes any day more fun. We had just finished having mimosas at Mozart's (well, I was having mimosas at Mozart's), and was about to go to an artist friend's studio to buy a piece. I talked my friend into taking a drive down a little road between High and Indianola. It is one of those places in Columbus that I like to check out every once in a while. It is like you are in the backwoods right in the middle of town. They say it is haunted. I did not really know that until I Googled it to get the correct spelling of the road for this blog. Evidently one of the house along the drive is haunted. You can read about it here.

After the trip down Walhalla, we went to Michael Lukacsko's studio to check out his work. He was very cool and helpful...talked about building a smooth canvas...I am anxious to try that out for the Ab-Ex piece(s) I create. I bought one of his is a very colorful mandala, but here it is in gray...

By the way, the photo above is not Walhalla. I did not think to take a picture of it while time. The photo above (The Road Less Traveled) is by Perception-Obscure on Deviant Art.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Me, A Pretty Vampire

Those teeth are a bitch to keep in, by the way. This is me all dressed up and ready to go to a Halloween party this year. It was fun. It seems like a life time ago because a lifetime of stuff has happened since then. I think the time will be moving slower now.

I dressed up as Erzebet Bathory (or Elizabeth Bathory). Senecal argued with me for a day or two that I was saying it wrong. him: "What did you say??" me: "Bathory." him: "It is BathaROY." me: "Um, no it is not." him: "Well, we will have to look it up." Me: "Fine." Later on I flashed the wiki on my iPhone in his face. him: "humph." That's what I thought.

Bathory, a countess, killed as many as 650 young women in her lands. She had a thirst for their blood and their flesh. She thought their blood contained magical properties that would help her maintain her youth. So, she would torture them and then drain them of their blood and bathe in it.

I started to read one book based on the facts of her family and found it to be so disturbing that I just stopped. She is the closest living thing to an undead vampire.

I imagine I will get back at it eventually.

Can U Draw Lame Monsters?

I know I can. Guess who is sticking to abstract art? lol

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Current Happenings

I like the picture above. Digging ruffles and Victorian shit lately. Wasabi Fashion Cult posted it to their FB page.

Looking forward to 2010. Tossed a lot of balls in the air this week to start the year.

I am excited to be part of C-Bus Ab-Ex, a group of local artists who want to show non-representational work. The first show will include larger abstract works, starting at 4' x 4'.

Also, although I have not officially published the 2009 WCE book, I plan to get busy producing my next one: Twenty10: Documentation for my Unauthorized Autobiography. I think that is hilarious.

Other stuff is in the works, but keeping all that on the down-low right now.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Lets evolve, let the chips fall where they may.

Just a random post with a ton of random things that may not really be so random at all.

So, Tyler Derdun was one hell of a community organizer., last night I was eating a bowl of cereal. Just sitting there munching away, bowl in hand, surfing the net, checkin' stuff out, a little midnight snack cause I realized that I was fucking starving. Forgetting to eat lately... preoccupied with things. All the sudden, and you may have sensed where this is going, I chomp on something unchompable. I had to spit out this seemingly giant hard thing in my mouth. I was eating a combination of two cereals, cause I just had a little of each...corn flakes with raisins and shredded wheat...I am not sure which was the culprit, or if this blend of carbs and processed non-deliciousness spawned a hard talon-shaped object. I just about threw up in my wheaties at midnight. This perpetuated into a night of insomnia...but I managed to get to bed at 4am-ish and then slept in until now-ish, less a 10 minute text-break to let someone know I am continuing my self-imposed quarantine.

Yeah, I am avoiding a massive outbreak of the h1n1 at the office. I am on vacation next week, and decided (with the surprising encouragement of all my friends and colleagues) that I should just go home and wait it out, although, it has me physically worn down. I have a stupid surplus of sick-days to use. I like to say that I do not get sick, I am just chronically ill. Thank you killar immune system, which has never known when to stop. Awesome t-cells.

Working on a lot of new stuff right now. Mostly my abstract, emotional canvases, where I let nonrepresentational shape and intense color tell a story to provoke emotions. I think my work is mostly provocative. You may see it, or maybe not, but you have to really look at it. It is like something is almost there, almost on the tip of your tongue or the brink of your thoughts, and then sometimes you just know. It is chaos. I have learned to thrive in chaos. And I use that chaos to create these little narratives about emotions.

See what I meant by random? Okay, I have a list of stuff to do now...

Photo courtesy of my iPhone. It is a snapshot of a scene in High Art. You should check it out.

Thursday, November 5, 2009