Friday, November 6, 2009

Lets evolve, let the chips fall where they may.

Just a random post with a ton of random things that may not really be so random at all.

So, Tyler Derdun was one hell of a community organizer., last night I was eating a bowl of cereal. Just sitting there munching away, bowl in hand, surfing the net, checkin' stuff out, a little midnight snack cause I realized that I was fucking starving. Forgetting to eat lately... preoccupied with things. All the sudden, and you may have sensed where this is going, I chomp on something unchompable. I had to spit out this seemingly giant hard thing in my mouth. I was eating a combination of two cereals, cause I just had a little of each...corn flakes with raisins and shredded wheat...I am not sure which was the culprit, or if this blend of carbs and processed non-deliciousness spawned a hard talon-shaped object. I just about threw up in my wheaties at midnight. This perpetuated into a night of insomnia...but I managed to get to bed at 4am-ish and then slept in until now-ish, less a 10 minute text-break to let someone know I am continuing my self-imposed quarantine.

Yeah, I am avoiding a massive outbreak of the h1n1 at the office. I am on vacation next week, and decided (with the surprising encouragement of all my friends and colleagues) that I should just go home and wait it out, although, it has me physically worn down. I have a stupid surplus of sick-days to use. I like to say that I do not get sick, I am just chronically ill. Thank you killar immune system, which has never known when to stop. Awesome t-cells.

Working on a lot of new stuff right now. Mostly my abstract, emotional canvases, where I let nonrepresentational shape and intense color tell a story to provoke emotions. I think my work is mostly provocative. You may see it, or maybe not, but you have to really look at it. It is like something is almost there, almost on the tip of your tongue or the brink of your thoughts, and then sometimes you just know. It is chaos. I have learned to thrive in chaos. And I use that chaos to create these little narratives about emotions.

See what I meant by random? Okay, I have a list of stuff to do now...

Photo courtesy of my iPhone. It is a snapshot of a scene in High Art. You should check it out.

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