Saturday, November 14, 2009

Me, A Pretty Vampire

Those teeth are a bitch to keep in, by the way. This is me all dressed up and ready to go to a Halloween party this year. It was fun. It seems like a life time ago because a lifetime of stuff has happened since then. I think the time will be moving slower now.

I dressed up as Erzebet Bathory (or Elizabeth Bathory). Senecal argued with me for a day or two that I was saying it wrong. him: "What did you say??" me: "Bathory." him: "It is BathaROY." me: "Um, no it is not." him: "Well, we will have to look it up." Me: "Fine." Later on I flashed the wiki on my iPhone in his face. him: "humph." That's what I thought.

Bathory, a countess, killed as many as 650 young women in her lands. She had a thirst for their blood and their flesh. She thought their blood contained magical properties that would help her maintain her youth. So, she would torture them and then drain them of their blood and bathe in it.

I started to read one book based on the facts of her family and found it to be so disturbing that I just stopped. She is the closest living thing to an undead vampire.

I imagine I will get back at it eventually.

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