Monday, October 13, 2008

Mmmm Sonic Youth in a Vicodin Haze

I am so not bored right now. Actually, I am doing pretty well. Listening the Children of Men soundtrack, which is quite incredible, by the way. Now the Sonic Youth song which I have been into lately is a cover of The Carpenters song Superstar, and is not on that soundtrack. Yeah, The Carpenters. I often get into those tribute albums and may go back and buy the whole thing. It is pretty awesome.

So, I have been high for days now. I am to a certain degree pretty much high all the time. I've lost 10 pounds now. I am in the next size down in a lot of things, so I have bought new clothes for when I return to work. Mostly red. Unfortunately I am the fattest person I know, so I'll just give the massive pile of giant clothes that are now on the floor of the extra bedroom to Goodwill or the Kidney Foundation.

I have not been as into my art as I thought I would be. I get distracted quick as fuck. Ha...what does that mean?? Depends on the guy, I guess.


Remy said...

I think the fact that you've been high a couple of weeks/days directly correlates to your Carpenter's kick...makes complete sense to me. Why else would anyone (in their right mind) choose to listen to them. LOL. Ok I'm kidding. I love Karen Carpenter...after all, that was almost my name...

LolaPeg said...

Nah, it is a Sonic Youth cover of a Carpenters song. It is awesome. Perfect on a pain-killer high.