Saturday, October 4, 2008

Assemblage Versus The Art of Cooking

Back a few years ago when I was in one of many marketing classes, specifically Marketing Behavior, I learned something shocking about myself. I was not actually a cook. Not that I was fooling myself into thinking I was some sort of chef, but I did have a few signature dishes I prepared that I could use to work my way into the hearts of men, so to speak. Turns out, cooks are very rare now days. Who has time today to not be an assembler, versus a cook or a chef? There is just way too much stuff to do.

So, if you look up "assemblage" in it's relation to art, you know that it truly is an art in itself. <More here on that> Either with assemblage art or assemblage cooking, you can make a really awesome thing, or you could really fuck it up. You still have to know how to "cook"...or design something.

Assemblage Chili...or just Chili

º 2 lbs of ground beef (fry it up and drain the grease)
º 1 onion all chopped up
º 1 can of Progresso Basil Tomato Soup
º 2 12 oz cans of diced tomatos
º 1 12 oz can of vegetarian baked beans (I like them better than kidney beans. Why vegetarian? They have less sugar.)
º 1 tbsp garlic salt
º 1/4 cup dried onion
º 1 tsp cayenne pepper (whoa...more if you want to make it freakin' HOT!!!!)

Directions: Cook the hamburger and drain the grease. Add the onion. Add everything else. Let it cook and simmer for a couple hours. Server it with some crackers and sour cream. Maybe some cheese.

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