Friday, October 19, 2007

Random Weekendnesses

Yesterday I finally caught up with the family and went to see my mom's new condo. It is on the small side, but will be easier for her to manage. She is beginning to look more and more like Molly, her mom. It was especially great to see Mackenzie and Gavin. They are so absolutely adorable. He will be a year old soon, and Mackenzie is three. I played chase around the condo with Mac. She is sooooo awesome and fun.

The days have been gorgeous this weekend. I went out for a little while to enjoy it. I think i missed the insect displays at the Inniswood park. Grrrr. I really wanted to get some photography in. Perhaps I will wait a week or two and go take some fall pics. I would love to take a weekend and go hiking at Old Man's Cave, too.

I did three paintings this week, but still have a couple things I want to do if possible. I feel like I need to get organized more than anything.

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