Monday, November 3, 2008

Barack My Vote

I was telling my husband this evening that this is the fifth presidential election that I have voted in, and I have never been so excited to vote for a person. I voted for Clinton the second time around, but my enthusiasm for him does not compare to the absolute hope and excitement I feel about voting for Obama. I believe this man can bring great change in our nation. I want to feel proud to be an American again and I think he can inspire change and lead us in a better direction. We need this country to be about the people and for the people. Not for the oil companies. Not for the drug companies. Not for the insurance companies. Corporate greed has poisoned this place. I am tired of greedy men and waring men. It is time to not be lulled by these entities and scared into needless war and suffering. I hope you get out there and vote for Barack!

Here is a little flash back with the Wazzzzup!!!!! commercial and how the guys have fared 8 years into the Bush administration. I hope what you see at the end of it is what we see tomorrow and hopefully before midnight!!

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