Thursday, November 13, 2008

|=u(ki|\|g Zombies

Last year I was involved in a zombie attack at my work. Nothing serious. Currently, I am the closest thing to a zombie that I know of. I have the bones of the dead within me and they are reanimating (aka "grafting") as I write this. These bones are fortified by steel plates. So, this makes me a zombie robot. Well, people like to call me that. The hilarious thing is that I developed a character last year (developed as in drew) that was a zombie robot. I had no idea that one year later my fate would have such a coincidental twist. It's a coincidence and not irony, by the way. I have nothing against zombies or robots, much less robotic zombies.

When did my love of zombies begin? Very recently...up until two years ago, the thought of zombies freaked me out. A friend of mine had just published a book called Brainchild. He thought I would be interested in seeing it. I was not and I told him so. But, I bought it anyway (since it would be cool to own a book by a friend). Got it, read it, and had nightmares about it that night. But, I was hooked.

There was something about zombies that suddenly appealed to me. I then branched off to books released by the Permuted Press, Rebecca Brock stories, and Max Brooks books. I stared getting into Romero movies, Resident Evil movies, and all the others. I have even written some zombie stuff of my own.

It is very early in the planning, but there may be another zombie anthology by my friend. I am helping him out with this project. Although, based on our work schedules and my additional 2009 art schedule, I think it may 2010 before it happens.

About the picture: Undead vs Undead 2007. My friend Jared is a zombie. I am a vampire...well, sorceress vampire. Whatever. (I have lost 50 pounds since that picture was taken.)


Jimmie said...

I was slightly disappointed by the photo name. "Fucking Zombies, by Peggy M" Here I thought it was gonna be some sick porno cover or something! Hahaha

LolaPeg said...

Ha! "Fucking" as an adjective, not a verb. LOL.