Wednesday, November 28, 2007


So, I am posting from my Mac. I am cleaning my PC. Installed a new anti-virus and am scanning the disks for little bugs...viruses and spyware. So far, so good. It'll be midnight before it is complete. LOTSA files.

Well, I am not sure how or why, but I have a hacker on my website again. Do not visit it. It is pulling something from or to What is f'ed up about it is that I accidentally opened my site on my mac and saw that in the status bar at the bottom of firefox. "Transferring data from...that site". Thing is, the only things I am transferring in are from a couple of scripts that pull in data from my deviant database. I know that site is not in the javascript...I have looked at the script.

The worst is that the other day at the same moment I opened my site my McAfee detected a Trojan Horse virus. It was blocked. So, who knows what else. Like I said, I am scanning PC right now with the most up to date, highly recommended (thanks, Jimmie) antivirus.

As far as mac is concerned, I shut it down before whatever it was transferring could complete. It kinda locked up for a sec and then turned off. Seems to be OK now. I have run its updates, but do not know what to do about an anti-virus. I thought I had one on here, but then again do Macs get viruses?

So, my final step is to figure out how is hacking my site and why they are sending malicious programs through it. I need to contact Hostrocket and see how this is happening. I may just take down my .net and resurrect my .com via another server. I can't tell if this is my fault for not being up-to-date, or if it is my server space provider for not keeping their servers protected. It all started when they sent new password for logging into the site. I will deal with that bag o shit tomorrow. Also, I am contemplating signing into my site to get their code off of it for now. I think that if I only view the source code without the html in a browser to activate the programs I should be ok.


Jimmie said...

Shouldn't have to worry about your mac too much. You should, however, bitchslap the idiots at hostrocket or wherever, and take your business elsewhere. Might I recommend Penguin Enterprise Web Hosting ;-) I use them, they're AMAZING.

LolaPeg said...

PC checked out OK. Took hours to run a thorough scan with Kaspersky. No viruses or spyware. Which is odd because I thought you spotted a spyware running.

I guess it has to be Hostrockets fault...I don't see how it could be on my end. I just paid for another year, but honestly it is worthless. I need to submit a trouble ticket to them. They can either fix the issue, or I am moving on. So, do you think I can go into my site and delete off their code without becoming infected? I mean unless it is launched in a browser, the code will not run right? Gah, hope so.