Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Brave Brave Birdy

As I sat out on the patio at a restaurant in Grandview, this brave, brave birdy paid us a visit. All she (or he) wanted was a little bread. You have to click on the photo above to really enjoy it. I think that little birdy would have plucked the bread out of my hand to get what it wanted.

So, I've decided to take myself out on the road more. Of course it is the same ole pattern. I find a place I like and I return. My goal for next year is to find a gallery in Scotland and in Asheville, NC, in addition Susan Kristjansson Gallery to the in Sarnia, Ontario.

And I hereby officially retire from what I called Biz shows...or the "art unexpected" scene. It was a nice run...a necessary run, and I appreciate everyone who wanted to show my art along the way.

My last "biz" show is at Cafe Brioso on Gay Street. It should be up for the rest of this month.

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