Friday, October 8, 2010


Are you high, or am I high? Cause I can't tell anymore.

That phrase is usually reserved for Senecal because of the absolutely mind-warping conversations we have. Or monologues he has with me as his captive audience. His latest involves feedback on an icon set that I put together. Sensing the idiocracy of it all, he goes on a diabolical sketching mission (on 3x3 post-its, as per usual) and sketches people hugging rockets that are blasting toward the moon, and talks of how to incorporate Sasquatch into the mix. The elusive Sasquatch.

I just got done painting a work that I want to call The Place They Landed. Kind of inspired by the airport shutdown in China that was due to a UFO hovering over the airport on 9/11/10. Not sure of which airport. Feel free to use the power of Google to sate your thirst for that knowledge. It's the one on the right.

I went out last night to a place called Sushi Rock (aka high-priced, uber-trendy restaurant where all the pretty people like to go to look at one another...) The shot above was me just fucking around with Photo Booth and Photoshop (curves). i.e.PROCRASTINATION. And thinking, wow, I want to check into my studio and just paint per usual on Fridays. But, it is good to get out there with the friends on occasion.

But later last night, back at home and feuled with a couple cups of coffee, I got down to business experimenting with a couple new mediums (clear tar and various hues of interference.) All in all a good night.

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