Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Circuit Boards and Suitcases

The fact is, I never quite unpack anymore. I probably will after the next trip up to see my Canadian friends. Until spring. My US friends call it Narnia...and why not? I have taken a liking to Canada. It seems meant to be in a way. I'm a northern girl. I like snow. Not this half-assed rainy, sleeting, ice mess that we get here. Snow. I do not mind the cold...although, if it is cold enough to freeze my eyeballs, that pisses me off.

I am more concerned about passing through the wardrobe this time around. Mostly the getting back to the US portion with my artwork. Need to find a certain form to fill out for Homeland Security. I sold one piece, but need to have proof I did not sell the others I bring back in so I can apply for a refund of the taxes that I paid in advance. Hopefully that will work out okay. I need to come up with a step by step guide on how to deal with customs for International shows. It has been an experience so far. A great experience. It is always an adventure.

If you have a spark in you, go set the world on fire.

One work I will never attempt to show internationally will be my circuit board and computer chip stuff. That is what is on the floor in my guest room. Lucky for me I have a hook up in getting discarded circuit boards. But the work will look dangerous and it is freakin' heavy!! I'm not sure where or if I will show this work. Mainly because it will have to be hung on a stud...otherwise it will fall off the wall and rip the nail out. But, it will be a good exercise for me to do something a little more 3-d and less organic.

All for to write some shit up about design and Unicornification.

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