Sunday, February 3, 2008

Introducing...the Flaming Cunts

That's right.

(((Hey, Jared, you should send me the band logo so I can post it here.)))

Now, I have not seen the logo, but I can imagine it is a vagina engulfed in flames. I mean, that is what I would design.

But, my point is, I had the pleasure of being the lead singer of the FC this evening. And wow...I can't sing worth a shit. Lots of mumbling, making up words, and screeching. Beeeeeeautiful.

I had fun dressing my character...she is a goth girl with lotsa black netting and kick ass black buckle boots. I need to get a pair from Steve Madden. She also has a tattoo of a Black Widow on her belly. That suits me.

Rockband is a blast to play, whether you are good or not.

P.S. Thanks for the cookies.


Jimmie said...

Those cookies were damn good! Thanks for coming over last night :-) It was fun to have a singer for once!

Jared said...

I wonder if there's a way to export or upload the logo? But what you imaging the logo to look like is pretty damn close!

Thanks for coming over!

Jimmie said...

I love that book! I have a feeling Jared will never make it through it ;-)