Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Night Soul Searching Blog

Nah, not really. If it were truly I would just delete it, or edit it later on.

I need to revamp some of my old poetry. I have some half finished stuff on the PC that I want to redo. Writing always exhausts me. I am not sure that I am any good at it. I know I don't know anything about it. I took exactly one creative writing class since high school. Novel & Short of my humanities in college. FYI...I took as many of the humanities as possible. I went to a biz college, but my class list looks more like some fluffy liberal arts degree. But I digress. That class was a great one. I remember after we read The Hunger Artist we had a discussion about what an artist truly is, and the difference between artists and performers. I about lost it at one point because I had to argue with a woman about who was the better artist: Celine Dion or Mozart. She argued that since CD is based on how much money she makes. It was like arguing with a pack of idiots...the downfall of biz school versus a trad college.

I had another experience like that later on when I was in a Global Cultures class and found the class's consensus regarding the separation of church and state was that we should not. That one actually scared me into silence and left the prof dumb founded. The class before, which was online and was Popular Culture, also had the same strong opinions about that. We had been given a list of 4 songs to choose from to pick the one that best represented we view our country and write explanation as to why.

I remember 3 of the 4. The 4th was not a popular choice. Neither was my choice. Me an two others picked it. The most poplar was Lee Greenwood's song. Here were the choices I remember:

1. Lee Greenwood's "God Bless America"
2. My Country Tis of Thee
3. Public Enemy's "Fight the Power"
4. no clue

Most people were really into number one. They felt that our country is about God. They wrote about their evangelical love for God and how our country's values are based on it. I wish I would have saved that blog. It scared the fuck out of me.

You know me, so you know I chose #3. My reasoning was that our country was founded by people who broke away from their homelands to form a better world. We always need to question authority, be progressive, and should never follow like sheep.

It is interesting how far their man has fallen.

And Celine Dion still sucks.

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