Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Book, A Film and An Album...February

Got this idea from Chix0r on DA...I'll start out with my favs. You may have already checked them out, or maybe they are some of your favs as well.

A Book
The House of Leaves
by Mark Z. Danielewski

I love this book because Danielewski has completely ignored tradition and structured the book's layout to help tell the story. Now this book will give you a bit of a work out as you get into it, with its twists and turns. The book is about a photographer who owns a house that is not confined to the usual physical laws of the universe, and constantly shifts and changes shape and opens doors into unseen deminisions. This does not seem like the most frightening plot, but in fact it is frightening because you start to believe that the fabric of time and space around you can somehow become fragile and malleable.

More information on Wikipedia.

A Film
Donnie Darko
Director: Richard Kelly

Currently I am reading a pretty extensive interview of the director of the film. I figured out why I love the film: Richard Kelly wrote the script to Donnie Darko without considering conventions, and from his heart. He fully explains how the story came to be. It came from one single element: the jet engine falling out of the plane. That was inspired by ice falling from a jet aircraft. Kelly then began to build the parts and pieces up from that scene. His objective was to solve the mystery of the jet engine falling from the sky.

This is a perfect example of taking a simple disjointed idea, believing in its validity and molding it into something with ingenuity and creativity. That is a beautiful thing and the very essence of what it is to be an artist. Now, keep in mind that he never once stopped to doubt himself, or second guess himself. He did not rely on convention, or let it hold him back.

more information on Wikipedia.

An Album
October Rust
Type O Negative

I listen to this album a lot while I am painting. It is more melodic than TON's other albums. If I have to pick a fav song, it is Burnt Flowers Fallen. It is about a man whose woman has fallen out of love with him.

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Jared said...

I'm going to have to read that book.

LolaPeg said...

Cool. I will give it to you tomorrow. I have 3 copies of the book. One is a little tattered because I pass it from friend to friend. So far Karan has made it through. Senecal and Ellen gave up for various reasons. Anyway, I will leave it on your desk.