Saturday, March 8, 2008

"Things That Chicks Dig"

I'm thinking about creating a blog called "Things That Chicks Dig". I have not completely sketched out the details, but it'll be a social commentary on how chicks are viewed by and view culture in the US. No one will be safe from the sarcasm.

On second thought, I am not sure if I have the energy to do it.

But, if I do, I think that the first entry will be about Cougarism. Yes, I just made up that word to talk about a chick's phase in life as a Cougar. Not all chicks are truly Cougars, but all chicks fancy themselves as Cougars, or they have a goal to be a Cougar, at some point in their life. I am not sure what the true age or qualifications of Cougarism are. I would have to guess that Cougars are over 35. I think the max age depends on the Cougar. Cougars need to be extremely self aware. There is nothing more unattractive as an active Cougar past her prime. You may be remembered as a Cougar once you have been classified as one, though. You know, "Wow, she use to be quite a Cougar!"

The men they date, or "hunt", are definitely younger...probably over 5 years younger. Again, I am not sure. I know the local Cougar hang out is Smith and Wolensky at Easton. I have heard it is classified as a Cougar bar, at least by one professional hockey player who frequents it to be hunted by cougars. Cougars can be mothers, or not. They can be married or single. They can be active or inactive. You know, I am just making up the rules according to how I see them at this point. I'll make up more rules as I see necessary for the moment.

Go Cougars.

UPDATE: Yeah, I created it... Things That Chicks Dig

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