Friday, March 7, 2008

The Corporation...and other fav documentaries

Number One: The Corporation
The documentary The Corporation sets out to prove their theory that if you profile the personality of a corporate entity as you would an individual, most corporations can be classified as psychotic. I believe that this is true.

You can find more information on The Corporation here.

Number Two: Walmart - The High Cost of Low Prices
The documentary will make you hate Walmart. I have shopped there once since I watched it and felt dirty for doing it. Very closely linked to The Corporation in its concept, but explores Walmart only.

For more information on this documentary, click here.

Number Three: An Inconvenient Truth
I really wish that Al Gore could have won the 2000 election...OH YEAH, he did. Anyway, I'm not bitter. His documentary on global warming is well worth watching. Although, his carbon footprint is fucking shameful, may his message not allude the rest of us.

You can read more about it here, and find out about your carbon footprint.

Number Four: Fahrenheit 9-11
This movie should scare you. As a matter of fact it is more scary than any zombie movie I have seen. Or maybe it is about how to make zombies. I found a glittery US flag pin in my drawer the other day and was reminded of how massively patriotic we all became after that, with our pins and our little flags sticking all over our cars. We were all so energized and ready to attack. Anyone who dared to speak out against a war was anti-American, and may as well pack up their shit and leave if they did not like it. We all thought it was a great and wonderful thing to enact the Patriot Act and felt more comfortable with giving up our rights than we have in the history of our country, which up until that point had been about protecting our rights. This is why I joined the ACLU. This documentary talks about that day, and if you can get past the annoying Moore, it may make you think of that beautiful, sunny morning as far more sinister the what we already know.

Read about it here.

Note: If you read the blog Stuff White People Like, this blog entry makes me uber white!!! I had no idea that I could be so white. Just call me Lilly.

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