Saturday, March 1, 2008

I am soooooo sleepy.....

What an evening. The birthday party was a lot of fun. I prefer a good house party though. I want an air hockey table now.

Cool presents. I think someone put a little bug in everyone's ear to buy me gift cards from art stores.

Senecal is bringing me a print. I'm excited about that...I wonder which one. I like most of his work...secretly I am hoping it is The Poison Articles...I dig the colors in it, but I don't think he is printing it. It may be one of the Shang's Ghosts..maybe v4 because I told him I loved it a dozen times. I think he fubared his PC trying to install a the Adobe Suite. That dude has the worst luck.

So, I just finished a very religious work today. One of my watchers told me that she thought she saw voodoo in it. Now, I must tell you, there was not magic spells in that one, although I have sent messages in other works...not necessarily spells or voodoo. If any of my works are full of hoodoovoodoo spells, it'd be Oblivious. I was completely angry with someone when I painted that one. That accounts for the sickening greens and harsh black.

Next week is the CNote event. I dropped off this art for the show today: Here they are ready to hang:

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Remy said... you are making me wonder what spells you put into the pictures you gave me on Valentines day?! I could use some better luck in the LOVE department.