Friday, March 21, 2008

Artists and the Art World

This is sad.

Honestly, before this article, I had never heard of Jeremy Blake, or Theresa Duncan. I have viewed a couple of his artworks on YouTube and NPR. They have a hypnotic quality about them. I would need to see a lot of his work to have a really strong opinion. But his work aside, I wonder if the pressure of being a "rising star in the art world" took it's toll on both of their psyches. That is the part about Jeremy Blake and Theresa Duncan, his partner, that intrigues me at the moment. I think that being creative, even when your audience is limited may cause a maelstrom of emotions at times, much less to have the attention of the world. Everyone is a critic. Art is so subjective, too. And then you add in what seems to be the evil necessity of creating a persona to go along with your creations in order to market to what is becoming an increasingly glam and political industry, well, one could just lose themselves in a heap of self-loathing.

So, I begin my research into this late fascinating couple. I am sure I will add more to this blog in the future. Until then, here is the Blake video made for Beck, and some interesting links to check out...a Beck video by Blake.

Here is an excerpt from the article...

A Soulful Connection
"Blake was also known in art circles in New York and Los Angeles as the longtime partner of Theresa Duncan, a video game designer and artist. Binstock says they were an unforgettable couple.

'Theresa and Jeremy were beautiful, glamorous, alarmingly brilliant people who resonated intellectually with each other in the most magnetic ways," he says. "I always felt like I was swimming in deep waters when I was having a conversation with them. And I loved that feeling.'

On July 10, Duncan committed suicide using a combination of alcohol and pills. One week later, Blake walked into the Atlantic Ocean off Rockaway Beach in Queens. His body was recovered five days later off the coast of New Jersey."

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