Saturday, March 22, 2008

All - In - One

Sooooooooo, I have been merrily going about my business doing stuff, not keeping up with everything...who can? Anyway, I ordered ink for my printer on Amazon because you cannot find it in the store now...the printer is from 2000 or 2001. I have not used the thing for months...maybe years. Since I graduated from Franklin in 2004 probably. Ran out of ink and did not care. Anyway, the damned thing does not work now may be that I got ripped on the ink. Either way, I need to sink a couple hundred into a new printer.

While I was not giving a shit about printers, turns out they sell mostly all-in-one machines now. They scan (my HP scanner is ok...also circa 2001), they fax, the copy, they print.

I've decided to buy an Epson AIO machine. Probably something hi-def. I is like $50 more. The bitch of it is they have like 7 ink cartridges. That'll set me back a months salary when I need ink.

Anyway...time to shop.


Jimmie said...

The best thing about those ones, is I think you can get cheap ass refills from the 'net! It's not so bad if you can refill them yourself.

LolaPeg said...

Yeah, I bought one today. The inks are only $14 each...but there are 6 of them. :/