Saturday, March 8, 2008

Chaos Theory + Art

Next weekend will be fucking rad. One of my dA friends, gentleman of leisure IDeviant, recommended a book on Chaos Theory. I absolutely cannot wait to delve into it. So, I went to Amazon (side note: I love Amazon is fucking awesome) and ordered two books on Chaos Theory. One is by James Gleick and is the one my friend recommended as a good place to start with the subject.

James Gleick's Site

IDeviant began doing fractal art as a result of his book. My new method for making art involves a sort of chaos by leaving some things to chance. Actually the third step to my paintings is completely by chance. I choose the colors and squirt them onto the canvas and then...cover it all in plastic. I sort of move the paint around, or I let it dry. I let the paint do what it wants. And then I use various tools and/or more paint to manipulate what I left to chance. Or sometimes I do the plastic part again. My methods are not environmentally safe. My tools are petroleum derivatives and I produce a massive amount of trash as a result.

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