Friday, September 21, 2007

Weird Noises and Other Stuff

So, I was thinking on the way to Tennessee that the skies look different over other places. It is just an observation:

This is what the outside of the room looked like. We were like 3 stories up and I thought the only way to get down was the elevator, and a ramp out to the back parking lot. Anyway, I thought the red bars were cool...
Oh yeah, we watched Vacancy while we were there. This movie must be watched in a hotel room to make it scary.

Ever have a movie piss you off? Just got done watching Premonition. I fucking hate how it ended. It was just messed up. I would bitch about it more, but I'd hate to give away the ending. Look...a tree:

Look...a spider. Joe was smoking on the deck and spotted him. He's so cute. I took 10 pics and they all turned out blurry. Oh well.

The mountains look awesome in the mornings...all the fog that has settled overnight. I got a few good shots on the road to home.

And this one is from day 2 back on the mountain. I showed one shot a couple days ago. This orb thing appeared in this shot, but nothing was on the lens, and the light was not hitting the camera. Paranormal activity, maybe???

So, I notice now that the noises around here are weird. The wailing of the sirens and then the wailing of the dogs mimicking the sirens. And the wind...wait there has been no wind. So, I am gearing up for Halloween. It ought to be a good year for weirdness.


Jared said...

No paranormal activity there, just a spec of dust hitting the light. :)

LolaPeg said...

Well, one can hope.