Monday, September 3, 2007

Artist Statements

This is something I struggle with because when I write about myself, I tend to be a complete smart ass, or too simplistic, and it comes off just weird and disjointed. So, this week one of my goals is to formulate and write an artist statement and my bio.

I found this site, which seems to be a good resource.

Another thing is finding that balance between making it personal and too-much-information. I tend to not have a filter. I'll post something, then go back and read it and change it 20 times. And then still think it's shit and go back and change it again. Then wonder if I should just delete the whole damned thing and forget about it. Or should I be one of those cool people who just say something like "My art will devour your soul and regurgitate it into a rancid, puffy cloud of smoke". You see what I mean, that's not cool. That's, when I say it. It could work for you, perhaps.

So, anyway, I'm going to get to work and see what fabulous, awe-inspiring, genius words I can string together to describe all that is me and my art and my process.

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