Saturday, September 1, 2007

Hey, What's Up?

Have you ever heard of MoBA, the Museum of Bad Art? I love it. It is located in Boston, MA. Their website is priceless. The descriptions of the works really make it. All the works are really just fun...I would liken it to receiving a piece of are from one of your kids, or (in my case) friends/family kids. You know, look at that it and think "at least they are trying". And then to add on some high brow art description to describe the work is awesome (and meant to be humorous...I hope!) Anyway, you should check it out. Recently I polled people on deviantArt to see what they would think about showing up in MoBA. I think I have a couple people who want to get their work in there now. Hmmmm...perhaps a contest or challenge. We are all striving to be so good at our craft, it's like a a welcome change to be allowed to screw up and be recognized (in a tongue-in-cheek way) for it, too. Kind of a right back at ya...I'm good and I'm bad...I am versatile.'s the linkage: MoBA, baby.

So the folks over at Omnibucket have been working very hard to get their new site up and running. I am just going to blatantly copy and paste their About description, rather than try to formulate a description in my own words...then feel free to surf over there and check it out...maybe set up an account if you are a creative type and want to participate...

"Omnibucket is

*A creative incubator for creators, fans, and producers.

*A platform for creators to converge, collaborate, and create.

*A space for fans and consumers to learn about the creative process as it grows and happens.

*A source for creativity scouts to discover developed and production-ready projects.

Omnibucket is a creative incubator more than a traditional publishing company.
As the founders of Omnibucket we have already defined space, built up real-world experience, and have a growing network of talent and industry contacts. These assets enable us to foster creative collaborations which yield book-based projects that are ready for mainstream production.

This web space itself is a place where contributors can work directly with each other by adding their own content. has aspects of social networking sites; the difference is that this network is comprised of people involved in the creative process."

Visit Omnibucket.

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