Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Goth Ninja Belly Dance

I began taking belly dance lessons last November, almost one year ago, at Habeeba's School of Belly Dance Arts. I have absolutely loved it every step (ahem) of the way. I joke about it a lot and say that I am Goth Ninja...when you start school they make you wear black from head to toe because the introduction of color is too distracting to the instructors and other students. This may be true. I have never shook the black, and had my practice skirt and veil made from black chiffon. I also only wear black hip scarves...well, I do have a leopard skin one, too.

It certainly has been a challenge from time to time. We have learned how to Flutter, which is moving the diaphragm in and out until it makes the fat on your belly move in waves. Yeah, that's attractive. Another one of the more difficult moves is the Bedouin Walk. This is where you shimmy (moving the knees back and forth until your ass shakes and jiggles (again, lovely sight)and then moving forward and back with hip drops in a duck all that? Neither do I...actually, I did have a breakthrough last time. Other than those two and coordinating playing the zills (finger cymbals) at the same time, I have been quite successful at learning all the moves...the "sweet new moves", as I have pegged them for Joe.

So, here are a few of my favorite videos from the web showing this art form around the world:

Rachel Brice:
Paris Performance
Tribal Fusion
Rachel Brice Tribute

Mariah, My First Instructor

Egyptian Male Dancer

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