Sunday, September 9, 2007

It's Sunday...Time for Random Things

First off, here is a blog from Bruce Campbell that I found this morning on mySpace. I have asked him to be my "friend". Who in the hell wouldn't? Bruce has a WIKI, as well. Who in the hell doesn't?
Here are two extended Old Spice videos:

If you have IT, you don't need IT.
If you need IT, you don't have IT.
If you have IT, you need more of IT.
If you have more of IT, you don't need less of IT.
You need IT to get IT.
And you certainly need IT to get more of IT.
But if you don't already have any of IT to begin with,
you can't get any of IT to get started,
which means you really have no idea how to get IT in the first place, do you?
You can share IT, sure.
You can even stockpile IT if you'd like.
But you can't fake IT.
Wanting IT.
Needing IT.
Wishing for IT.
The point is if you've never had any of IT, ever,
People just seem to know.


I seem to be catching up with old friends this week. I just met up with Carmen yesterday...Monday is Julie and Isolde...Thursday is Samantha...and then Saturday is Jenn. Here's to old friends...Cheers!

I just finished writing a story to go with Senecal's Old One!. I think it turned out kind of cool. It needs to be linked up to the picture, then I will share it. Today I need to work on art. Seems that creative writing drains my energy, while art energizes me. It's the yin and yang of my creative cycle.

OK, I am off to watch a movie, or fold laundry, or paint a picture, or whatever Sunday brings.

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