Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Other Paper - Alternative Art Spaces

You know, just a few of years ago, I would grab The Other Paper and scour the art ads for call for entries, thinking, wow, wouldn't it be cool to show my art? Today, my art is pictured in one of their cover story photos for Columbus' Alternative Art Spaces.

The article is really worth checking out. It talks about the art scene here in Columbus being very independent, and how independent artists can make it happen on their own. I have thought about approaching galleries along the way, but I am having too much fun working with these alternative venues. Just to name some...

Image Optical (March 2009)
Haiku (June 2009)
McGraw Hill (July/August 2009)
J Gumbo (October/November 2009)
Core Fitness (November2009/January 2010)
Qwirk (January 2010/February 2010)
The 614magazine Gallery Hop featured artist at LaFogata (2/4-2/6)
Union Cafe (March 2010)
and more!

And not to be forgotten, amazing group venues like C-Note, OAL, RoyGBiv, The High Road Gallery, and Agora. And even more exciting to me, because it is 100% abstract, the C-bus Ab-Ex shows coming later this year.

PS...Due to my manic pace at making art and the slllllooooooow economy, I have plenty of work to go around.

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