Monday, January 11, 2010

A Gift That Keeps On Giving

I may have talked about this painting on this blog at some point in the past few years. If so, I am sure you would not have read it, or you would have a hell of a time finding the post. At one point in time I decided to put it in a box and ship it off to my friend M in Seattle. He is the one who inspired the painting. I painted another one and he said that the shapes in it looked lik spark plugs on peyote. Well, of course a comment like that burns a visual in my head that has to be brought into existence.

M is a pop artist, who use to be an entertainer in the 80s. In a very Warhol-like way, he documents his life. He posts this documentation on iamabee on dA. Below is his documentation of opening the package I sent to him.

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