Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Bookshelf

My 2010 Bookshelf

1. How It Ends (Advance Copy from Norton to review) - Chris Impey
2. Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas - Hunter S. Thompson
3. Eating the Dinosaur - Chuck Klosterman
4. Fight Club - Chuck Palahniuk
5. Jitterbug Perfume - Tom Robbins
6. Haunted - Chuck Palahniuk
7. Glamorama - Bret Easton Ellis
8. Catch 22 - Jospeh Heller
9. The Naked Lunch - William Burroughs
10. Player Piano - Kurt Vonnegut
11. Stranger Than Fiction - Chuck Palahniuk
12. Less Than Zero - Bret Easton Ellis
13. Pattern Recognition - William Gibson

There's more, but there always is, isn't there?

Also, may be ready to write something substantial...or develop Divining Dada Park, which I have been thinking about for years now.

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Genevieve said...

Fear and Loathing... good book, good movie. Hunter was quite and interesting guy.
Enjoy your 2010 reading! Just finished Stephen King's Under the Dome.
My 'neptune blue' blog is new. I have another blog page which I was using mostly for family pics and ramblings... this one is just for me in the new year. Who knows where it will go. Stop by if you like.