Friday, May 23, 2008

Stewie Griffin-like Delivery

This morning Joe got up to move something so Zoey could sit on the table between us, and then Zoey completely took over his recliner as soon as he got up. Joe was about to leave for work, so he did not care, but I "scolded" Zoey for doing it. I evidently delivered the scolding as if he were Brian and I were Stewie. Joe totally called me on it and started laughing.

"Soooo, Zoey, are you proud of yourself?
Are you happy that you kicked Joey out of his seat?
Do you think we ought to get you your own recliner?
Put it right here in the middle of us.
Yes, that would be nice, wouldn't it?
How's that novel coming along?"

Well, I did not say the novel part...Joe added that one in. And I am not sure if my voice started going up several octaves either.

1 comment:

Zeno said...

Since Stewie Griffin is quite obviously the reincarnation of a British-accented authoritarian with tendencies toward world conquest, who was he in his previous life?

I think I know.