Saturday, May 17, 2008

Short North Hit & Run: More to the Story

The other day the news talked about the hit and run that took place in the Short North that left two people in the hospital. Evidently there is a lot more to the story than "two people leaving a bar at night."

The people involved were run over by a man trying to get out of paying his bill at Haiku.

"On Thursday evening, a man left Haiku Restaurant in the Short North without paying his bill. Julie, co-owner, and Rachel, a bartender, followed the man outside to his vehicle. According to police, the man started his vehicle and purposely struck Rachel and Julie as he backed out of his parking spot."

You can read more here.

Also, if you feel like giving some money, please do. One of the people is an artist and the other is the owner. I hate to see Haiku drug down and put out of business because of this.

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