Saturday, March 27, 2010

Viceroy of Vixenology

I signed up to be a regular contributor to Sublime Rush. I had to pick a title...I think Viceroy of Vixenology would not be suitable...mostly because it implies both male and female. To be completely feminine in this title, it would have to be Vicereine of Vixenology. I was discussing my title dilemma with a friend last night, and he thought that since it is based in the UK, I should be a Knight. So Sir LolaPeg. So then we wondered if females can be knighted. Turns out, they can. But they are called Dame. And now I understand why the word dame implies a brassy, strong female. Dame LolaPeg. So, what I ended up with is a multiple choice of Producer, Communicator, or Contributor. Yep. just keepin' it real.

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